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Tonlé Sap (02:11)


Cambodians live in floating villages on Southeast Asia's largest lake that can swell to six times the normal size during monsoons. Bernard Fontanille joins a medical team that visits remote villages three times a week; Savann Uk is the mission lead.

Peam Pong (05:13)

During the dry season, it is difficult to navigate the approach to the village. The medical team will treat and 70 patients in three days. Uk educates residents on nutrition every time he comes to the village.

Treating Patients (03:55)

Fontanille joins Dr. Thourida Hun and the medical on the bank; many illnesses are linked to the water. A baby has saffron paste on his head to help with a stuffy nose; Hun prescribes medication.

Lunch Break (02:15)

Villagers waiting to see the medical team gather around the clinic and cook lunch; the team takes a break. Hun and Uk reflect on treating patients on the lake.

Medical Care (02:04)

Fontanille helps the medical team treat patients. A woman who recently had shingles experiences itching. She discusses living in Peam Pong.

Quality of Life (02:50)

Hun explains why she became a doctor. She encourages village children to study and try hard to achieve a better life.

Achieving Better Health (03:26)

Fontanille fishes with the village chief who discusses changing traditional beliefs and the arrival of The Lake Clinic. Temperatures are rising, food sources are dwindling, and water levels are higher in the rainy season.

Village Education (03:20)

School is the only public infrastructure. Volunteers teach children about hygiene. After the medical team leaves, volunteers take over.

Credits: Cambodia I: The Tônlé Sap Clinic—World Medicine (00:30)

Credits: Cambodia I: The Tônlé Sap Clinic—World Medicine

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Cambodia I: The Tônlé Sap Clinic—World Medicine

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Not far from the temples of Angkor, the inhabitants of the Tonlé Sap Lake adapted their lifestyle to the vagaries of the waters. Floods and droughts occur as the Mekong River swells. Resting atop the water are a church, a police station, a Buddhist temple, and a medical team, which has been operating for four years. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille joins them for a medical round like no other.

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