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Xingu Park (01:46)


Brazil's first indigenous reserve, built in 1961, is now home to thousands of displaced Indians. Bernard Fontanille visits the Kaiabi and Wauja tribes to meet their shamans. Fontanille sees a young girl receive the mark of the Kaiabi on her arm.

Community Healer (04:08)

Tuia Kaiabi explains pajé and the origins of the Kaiabi. European diseases decimated Brazilian tribes and still affect tribal health; Brazilian doctors receive training before visiting tribes. The use of tobacco in Kaiabi rituals dates to pre-Colombian times; it is crucial to Tuia's healing practice.

Xingu Project (03:34)

Brazilian healthcare staff live in Xingu Park and regularly visit nearby villages. Nurse Caroline Picerni receives a general assessment of the Kaiabi from Aruta before examining a young child. Aruta states that white doctors are necessary to help cure white illnesses.

Regular Check Ups (02:49)

Picerni examines a pregnant woman with the help of Aruta; this is her seventh pregnancy. Healthcare workers are concerned with the consequences of new dietary habits.

Pajé Healing (02:46)

Tuia treats a woman for chronic pain. The experience moves Picerni to tears.

Aruak, Wauja Tribe (02:42)

Fontanille reflects on the mutual respect between Tuia and Picerni as he travels downriver to meet a tribe that has been in Xingu for over 1,000 years. Takape Waura is pajé for the village of 50 inhabitants.

Wauja Healing Ritual (03:40)

The pajé's paint distinguishes him from other tribal members. The Wauja believe the Apapaatai often cause illness and pain. Takape treats his daughter who has been losing weight and experiences pain and numbness.

Traditional Healing Practices (03:55)

Takape shares a story to help explain the power of healing rituals. His daughter still has spirits within her so he washes her with a plant remedy. Takape reflects on the Xingu Project.

Credits: Brazil: The Doctors Of Xingu—World Medicine (00:32)

Credits: Brazil: The Doctors Of Xingu—World Medicine

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Brazil: The Doctors Of Xingu—World Medicine

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Dr. Douglas Rodrigues created Projeto Xingu, a training course given by the Federal University of São Paulo to provide those in the field with the tools to understand Indian customs and beliefs. Emergency doctor Bernard Fontanille meets one of his former students, Vânia Rabelo. For three years, she has been living among the Kaiabis, in the Xingu river basin, gathering experiences linked to culture shock.

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