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Australia: The Flying Doctors— Introduction (01:23)


Approximately 90% of Australia's population lives on the coast; inhabitants in remote regions are isolated. Careflight helps inhabitants receive immediate medical care; they conduct over 4,000 missions a year.

Geissling Farm (03:19)

Organizations like Careflight are vital in areas like Queensland. Bernard Fontanille meets with Daron Geissling who lost part of a thumb while working on the farm and received airborne help. Geissling recalls a hiker breaking his leg in the mountain and receiving help from helicopter personnel.

Careflight Base, Marcoola (03:36)

Teams consisting of a doctor, paramedic, mechanic, and pilot are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Anthony Crompton (a paramedic) and Chris Wignall (a retrieval doctor) practice on a medical mannequin. They discuss their working relationship.

Alarm Call (06:07)

The Careflight crew responds to a call of a woman falling off her horse. Fontanille watches as the men assess the patient and determine which hospital to transport her to.

Bonding and Training (03:10)

The Careflight crew eat together to help relieve stress. When not on calls, the team trains; a woman volunteers to be a patient. They discuss arriving on tragic scenes.

Bollier Alarm Call (03:53)

Fontanille compares medical care approaches in France and Australia. The Careflight crew responds to a call of a hiker who fell from the top of a mountain.

Camaraderie (03:27)

The Careflight crew spends time together on their days off. Fontanille, Wignall, and the mechanic Rick discuss helicopter crashes, losing colleagues, and retiring.

Credits: Australia: The Flying Doctors—World Medicine (00:28)

Credits: Australia: The Flying Doctors—World Medicine

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Australia: The Flying Doctors—World Medicine

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Australia, a country the size of a continent, is 14 times larger than France but has nearly three times fewer inhabitants. Given the great distances in the country, how can everybody receive medical care and treatment in the event of an emergency? Today, the flying doctor plays a leading role in Australia. Bernard Fontanille sets out to discover one of these organizations, Careflight. Bernard discovers the vast contrasts in Australia through farmers, surfers, and fishermen of the Sunshine Coast, and through rural hospitals that look as though they are part of a Western movie set. He attends training sessions, witnesses operations in the Bush, and shares a few very intense days with Mike the doctor, Paul the pilot, and Anthony the paramedic.

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