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Fatal Peril (04:17)


"Fatal Peril" is a moment of shock just before a man becomes violent. Violent men talk about their "inner hit man" and how such violent images of themselves originated.

Manhood Defined (05:36)

Violent men learn to be violent in childhood. They often assume "tough guy" roles to survive. An incarcerated father expresses his feelings about family and his desire to change himself from within.

Therapy Group for Violent Prisoners (04:33)

A new member of the program feels threatened by the group facilitator, who asks him to leave the group. A young convict talks about his own escalating violent behavior.

Release of Violent Offenders (03:17)

A violent prisoner who is ready to leave the treatment program agrees to participate in a fifty-two-week treatment program after release.

Violent Offenders: Treatment Success (05:36)

Treatment success for violent offenders is reflected in reduced recidivism, which is eighty percent less than for "non-treated" prisoners. Prisoners learn healthy feedback systems as they unlearn violent behaviors.

Self-Knowledge for Violent Offenders (02:06)

Helping violent criminals involves understanding male belief systems. Prisoners experience a sense of relief when they give up their violent images of themselves.

Victims and Violent Offenders (06:18)

Prisoners go through a victim impact program in which they listen to the victims of male violence. A grandmother's graphic story about the murder of her daughter and grandson moves many prisoners to tears.

Crime Against Families (04:34)

Violent prisoners respond to a grandmother's tale of violence against her family. Some prisoners thank her. Victims of violent crimes express their grief in different ways.

Victim Impact on Violent Prisoners (06:23)

Prisoners hear a victim's story and are moved by it. They discuss denial, blame, and accepting responsibility for their behaviors.

Violent Offenders: Return to Society (03:43)

After completing treatment program, a prisoner reverts to substance abuse. Decision making processes are new to released prisoners, and it is difficult to adjust their new personal freedoms with the chaos of society.

Recovered Violent Offenders (07:07)

Daniel, a graduate of the treatment program to stop violent behavior, is reminded of his past. Another graduate experiences his first full year on the streets since age fourteen. A recovered violent offender teaches classes to other men.

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Manhood and Violence: Fatal Peril

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The Resolve to Stop the Violence Program places male convicts in highly structured encounter groups, helping them recognize the warped concepts of masculinity behind their violent behavior. This documentary follows nine inmates through the rigorous self-discovery process, recording their growing sense of accountability and willingness to change. With commentary from law enforcement officers, violence-prevention experts, victims’ relatives, and the inmates themselves, the video also follows up on RSVP participants after their release, highlighting the ultimate benefit of the program—a dramatic reduction in recidivism among its graduates. (58 minutes)

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