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Last Day of School (03:20)


Joey DiPaolo cuts his cheek shaving as he gets ready for school. Joey and friends celebrate the last day of school.

Blood-Brothers (03:44)

Joey and his friends sneak into the local middle school. His friends become suspicious when Joey refuses to become blood-brothers.

Nighttime Emergency (02:59)

Joey wakes up with a temperature of 104 degrees and his parents nurse him back to a stable condition. Joey and his mother discuss the possibility of telling his friends he has AIDS.

Full Disclosure (04:43)

At an AIDS benefit dinner, Joey gets an autograph from an NFL player, Lawrence Taylor. Joey's friends find out he has AIDS through a newspaper article. Community members express their concern.

Thinking About Living (02:16)

Joey shows a friend his home care facility in the basement, and explains how he acquired AIDS. At a family BBQ, Joey and his parents discuss the hardships they may face when the whole community is aware of Joey's condition.

Parental Protest (02:49)

During a school board meeting, parents show concern about Joey attending public school with their children. Joey's mother fights for her son's rights.

First Day of School (03:10)

A local news network reports on Joey's situation. On Joey's first day of junior high school, a large crowd protests his attendance.

Truth About AIDS (03:49)

Joey and his friends become blood-brothers, the safe way. With his friends' support, Joey faces the protesters and his first day of school. Meet the real Joey DiPaolo and his mother.

Credits: Lifestories 03: Bloodbrothers–The Joey Dipaolo Story (01:38)

Credits: Lifestories 03: Bloodbrothers–The Joey Dipaolo Story

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Lifestories 03: Bloodbrothers–The Joey Dipaolo Story

Part of the Series : Lifestories: Families in Crisis
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Blood Brothers is a half-hour dramatization of the consequences of a young boy's public admission that he has the AIDS virus. Starring Adam LaVorgna in the title role, and featuring Amy Aquino (Brooklyn Bridge) as Joey's mother and a guest appearance by football great Lawrence Taylor, the film concludes with an appearance by the real Joey and his mother, who encourage families to learn the truth about AIDS, emphasizing that "Kids who have AIDS are regular kids, so you don't have to be afraid of them." An HBO Production. 

Length: 30 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1992

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