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Pickup Basketball: Motivation and Benefits (03:00)


Pickup basketball games provide players of diverse backgrounds an opportunity to exercise, compete, and have fun. Reasons for playing and the benefits players get from the games are as diverse as the individual players themselves.

Pickup Basketball: The Rules (03:17)

Pickup basketball games are not officiated by referees. Players depend on each other to have a basic knowledge of the game and to play honestly and fairly.

Pickup Basketball: The Wicked (02:46)

Most pickup basketball games have a player or two who are more aggressive than the others. Some players' personalities change dramatically when they are on the basketball court.

Pickup Basketball: The Wise (04:29)

Pickup basketball games often have a player or two who understand the subtleties of basketball better than the others. These players are often older and more experienced than their teammates and opponents.

Pickup Basketball: The Women (03:39)

Women who play a physical style of pickup basketball and who contribute to the success of their teams are generally accepted by their male teammates and opponents.

Pickup Basketball: The People (04:45)

People of diverse ages, backgrounds, and physical conditions develop tolerance and respect for each other while playing pickup basketball. For many players the game transcends sport to become part of their lives and identities.

Pickup Basketball: Generations (01:34)

Basketball is a sport often first learned within families. Parents derive great satisfaction in teaching the game to their children, who derive great pride when they surpass their parents' abilities.

Pickup Basketball: Injuries and Beyond (03:12)

Serious pickup basketball players play through mild and severe injuries until the day they are physically unable to play. The life lessons learned in pickup basketball games can be applied to successful functioning in society.

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Pickup basketball is democracy in action. This program—an astute study of sports sociology—tracks a mixed group of serious amateurs through an eight-month period, studying player culture, hierarchy, and interaction as they manifest in a setting that has no place for referees. Age, gender, race, injuries, and multigenerational families of players are also considered, as are the game rules and social norms that keep this group together. Skill alone governs each player’s status, and teamwork and fair play are prized above victory. (28 minutes)

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Shown at the 2003 American Sociology Association and the North American Society for the Study of Sport.

"More than just pick-up basketball, Shirts & Skins sheds light on a taken-for-granted aspect of gender that speaks to larger issues of power in the way that grown men play games."—Peter Adler, professor of sociology, University of Denver, and author, Backboards & Blackboards

"Players are black and white, male and female, young and old… The mix makes for interesting games."—The Herald-Times

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