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Individual Liberty (04:10)


Defenders of individual liberty believe that consenting adults should be free to live their lives however they choose and that the government should not control individual morality.

Governing Sex (05:34)

Some states have laws governing sex acts between consenting adults in the privacy of their own home. Many debate about the legality of outlawing sodomy or sex outside of marriage.

When Sex is a Crime (04:45)

When sex acts between consenting adults become criminal, then police must deceive people in order to catch them committing a crime. Despite the threat of jail and fines, prostitution continues.

War on Drugs (05:09)

Millions of dollars a day are spent fighting the war on drugs. Many believe laws against drugs cause more problems than drugs themselves. Making drugs illegal makes smuggling more profitable.

Making Self-Harm a Crime (05:55)

Lawmakers consider drug dealers the enemy in the war on drugs and yet jails are filled with over 400,000 Americans who were simply caught with forbidden chemicals.

Treatment Unapproved by the FDA (02:47)

People are not always free to do whatever they want to their bodies. The FDA regulates who can seek experimental drug treatments and many patients and their families fight for this right.

Fighting for Death With Dignity (04:58)

Many people suffering from terminal illnesses fight for the right to die with dignity and with the help of a physician. In Oregon, physician-assisted euthanasia is legal under certain circumstances.

Illegal Gambling and Ticket Scalping (02:46)

The Statue of Liberty was paid for with gambling proceeds and yet in many states gambling remains illegal. Gambling makes up the biggest of the consensual crimes.

Morality Based on Free Choice (01:45)

As adults, why can't we make decisions about what we buy and sell, and about how we use our bodies by ourselves? Can't morality be based on free choice without laws to govern individual freedom?

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What is the cost to society for making certain personal choices—those considered by many to be immoral or ill-advised—a crime? And how is the concept of individual liberty affected when the force of public censure is replaced by the force of law? In this program, ABC News anchor John Stossel studies this extremely complex and volatile subject, searching for mid-ground between the left and the right. High-level policy makers, such as the president of the ACLU and the head of the DEA; experts, including a Stanford University law professor; and private citizens sound off about drug use, pornography, prostitution, gambling, ticket scalping, unendorsed medical treatments, and assisted suicide—and question the outright hypocrisy that is too much in evidence. (41 minutes)

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