Segments in this Video

Anne Frank's Hiding Place (01:47)


In occupied Amsterdam, a few Jews were able to hide; Anne Frank and her family were among a group of eight hiding in an annex. Miep recalls Otto Frank asking her to help hide them.

Franks to Holland (02:14)

The Franks left Germany and settled in Holland after the Nazis' rise. Otto became manager of a wholesaler. Miep describes her work for Frank.

Franks in Happier Times (02:34)

Miep recalls spending time at the Franks' house while she worked for Otto; she visits the house again.

Personalities in Frank Family (02:01)

Miep describes Anne Frank as full of life, Margot as deferential. Otto Frank cultivated non-Jewish friends such as herself, she says. She and others discussed politics at his house. The Dutch assumed they would be safe from the war.

Dutch Feelings about Occupation (01:29)

A good Dutchman didn't go to watch the Nazi occupation force roll in, Miep recalls; they stayed at their jobs. Fear subsided when they found the Germans seemingly pragmatic.

Going Into Hiding (02:59)

Excerpts from Anne's diary talk about their going into hiding when they found out the Nazis wanted to take Margot to a labor camp. Miep talks about helping them into hiding.

Preparations at Annex (01:59)

Miep shows us the rooms in the annex. Diary excerpts talk about Anne and her father preparing the rooms, and the arrival of the van Pels.

Pictures of Stars (01:41)

Otto Frank brought a box of pictures Anne had clipped from magazines, some of movie stars. Anne loved these pictures, Miep recalls. They always expected to be at the annex only temporarily.

Concealing the Franks (01:58)

Excerpts from Anne's diary talk about her appreciation for their helpers risking their lives for them. Miep shows a bookcase they used to camouflage the annex entrance. They could not look out windows, much less go outside.

Franks' Helpers (01:34)

Miep recalls how the Franks' helpers divided their tasks. During office hours, they tried to proceed as normal and not talk about the refugees, so they could be nonchalant to the outside world.

Grocery Shopping (02:21)

Miep talks about finding vegetables, scarce in wartime Holland, for the Franks.

Atmosphere in Annex (02:16)

Miep recalls the tension she felt when entering the annex. Only Anne would greet her cheerfully and ask for news. Mrs. van Pels criticized the Franks' liberal upbringing of their children.

News from Outside World (01:28)

Excerpts from Anne's diary talk about Miep's giving them news about local round-ups of Jews, and her eventual reticence on the subject. Miep recalls that Anne would take her aside asking for more information.

Listening to Radio (01:08)

Excerpts from Anne's diary talk about listening in the annex to English radio reports on death camps. Miep had no idea Anne was writing about such things in her diary, she recalls.

Pfeffer (01:42)

Pfeffer asked Miep to hide him. Miep got Otto to agree to take him in. Miep shows us where the table was that Anne had to share with him. Her diary angrily accuses him of hogging the desk.

Pfeffer Writing Wife (02:34)

Miep reads from one of Pfeffer's letters to his wife. She conveyed letters between the two. Otto and Anne got impatient waiting for her while she talked to him about his wife; she rebuked Otto.

Irritability (01:54)

Miep went up to the annex and accidentally disturbing Anne while she was writing. Anne, ordinarily cheerful to her, snapped. In a diary excerpt, Anne talks about her pursuit of happiness on her terms.

Mrs. Frank (00:55)

Mrs. Frank was devout, Miep recalls. She tried to influence Anne, with little success. She was pessimistic; Miep could not offer hope, but it helped to have her listen.

Captured (04:24)

Anne's diary excerpts talk about imminent doom. Miep recalls the day the Nazis came to the warehouse and took the Franks, and the reaction of those involved in hiding them.

Miep Confronts German (03:57)

Miep, a native of Vienna, recognized the Viennese accent of the armed German and tried to win him over. She stayed at the warehouse; as long as there was one Christian there, the business would not be seized.

Finding Diary (01:56)

Miep talks about what she observed of the Franks being forced out. She went up and found Anne's diary, took and hid it. Winter 1944 was desperate in Holland.

Liberation Day (01:37)

Miep recalls celebrations on liberation day. Young, responsible for registering those returning from concentration camps, learned that Otto Frank was returning. Miep recalls his return.

Learning of Anne's Death (01:43)

Miep was with Otto when he learned of Anne and Margot's deaths. She presented him with Anne's diary.

Miep Reads Diary (01:31)

As Otto read Anne's diary, he tried showing it to Miep, but she could not bring herself to read it. He finally persuaded her to do so, and she found it helped her.

Wishes (00:35)

Anne's diary records her wishes and those of the others in hiding with her for when they could leave.

Credits: Memories of Anne Frank (00:46)

Credits: Memories of Anne Frank

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In this program filmed in the Franks’ apartment and the building that housed the Opecta offices and the Franks’ secret refuge, Miep Gies vividly recounts her experiences: working for Otto Frank; bringing food to the fugitives; the chilling exposé of the hidden Jews and their protectors; the liberation of Amsterdam; Otto Frank’s return from Auschwitz; and the publication of Anne’s diary. Archival photographs and film footage depict life in wartime Holland, while Miep’s recollections and excerpts from Anne’s diary reveal the details of a life in hiding—and provide compelling new insights into Anne’s personality. (52 minutes)

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