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Facts and Opinions (07:02)


Today’s papers are less political. Editors determine what will go into the paper. Columns represent personal voices. Editorial pages are the voice of the paper. Op-Ed pages give opposing views.

Newspaper Analysis (03:03)

Radio and television challenge newspapers to focus on more than the basic facts. Papers have gone from the information to the explanation business. USA Today’s success comes from its visual appeal.

Newspaper Ownership (03:50)

Corporate ownership of newspapers includes Gannett, the largest, and Knight-Ridder. Family-owned papers offer higher quality and more community news and less concerned about profits.

Newspaper Operations (04:42)

Newspapers work 24/7 and are deadline driven. Eighty percent of a paper’s revenue comes from advertising. City papers follow readers to the suburbs on behalf of the advertisers.

Cross-Town Rivalry (07:10)

The rivalry between The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News benefits readers with better content. Advertisers also benefit. Both papers use cross-marketing to capture and keep readers.

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Newspaper Industry

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In 1923 more than 500 American cities had two or more competing daily newspapers, but in the 90s that number dwindled to a mere 36. This program spotlights the cross-town rivalry between The Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News, offering insight into some of the benefits and drawbacks of competition for the same readership. In addition, it provides an engaging overview of America’s oldest mass media industry. Some of the topics examined include the continual pressure for newspapers to adapt, the evolution of content, family versus conglomerate ownership, editorial and operations decision-making, the daily production life cycle, and the role of advertisers. The program is an excellent tool for understanding where the newspaper industry has been and where it is going. (28 minutes)

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