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Militant unrest sparked by the struggle for political control of Jerusalem has once again moved Israel to the center of the world stage. Is peaceful coexistence possible in a geopolitical region where both sides claim hereditary rights to the same land? This six-part series, a retrospective on Israel's first fifty years of existence, offers a timely perspective on the events currently unfolding in the Middle East. Penetrating insights are provided by major contemporary figures-Ariel Sharon, Binyamin Netanyahu, and others-as well as by everyday people simply trying to live their lives.

Item#: BVL8546

ISBN: 978-0-7365-5401-5

Copyright date: ©1998

Reviews & Awards

"This objective documentary is surprisingly sympathetic to Arab concerns."—Booklist

"For serious students of 20th century world history or Middle East studies, this is a must buy."—School Library Journal

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