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Film History

Item #: 8273

Media History

Item #: 8517

Images in Media

Item #: 8518

Television History

Item #: 8519

Media Convergence

Item #: 8520

Print History

Item #: 8564

Recording History

Item #: 8565

Radio History

Item #: 8566

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The Story of Film, TV, and Media

The Series Includes : Film History | Media History | Images in Media | Television History | Media Convergence | Print History | Recording History | Radio History
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3-Year Streaming Price: $799.60



The first step to understanding the present is to study the past. This eight-part series traces the composite history of the mass media, industry by industry, from their roots as novelty attractions to their crucial role in society today. 8-part series, 28 minutes each.

Item#: BVL8563

ISBN: 978-0-7365-6041-2

Copyright date: ©1997

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