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Movie Business (07:28)


Money drives moviemaking. Returns have shrunk for producers and distributors. Blockbusters make money by appealing to audiences. The financial success of the film industry is owed to marketing.

Movie Markets (07:58)

The international market is a moneymaker. Action pictures with brief dialogue export well. A demand worldwide for action films develops an industry for visual effects. American storytelling works globally.

Movie Critics (06:45)

Film criticism started in the 1920s. “Variety” reviewed movies in terms of appeal. Today, film describe, interpret, and evaluate for potential viewers and influence moviegoers.

Movie Merchandising (03:52)

The movie industry develops alliances to generate revenue, such as working with radio or books. Technology plays a role in the film industry to find new ways to attract audiences.

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Film Industry

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In spite of competition by other media, movies have remained a perennial favorite of American viewing audiences. But what is it like to make them? This program analyzes the film industry from a variety of technical, financial, legal, and business perspectives. Topics explored include marketing and merchandising, financial influences on content, special effects and Hollywood action movies, the domestic versus international marketplace, the role of film critics, and the film business in the new media environment. (28 minutes)

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