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Externalized Hidden Costs (03:28)


Henderson claims that countries around the world are experiencing new stresses to their economy. Narrow economic models blind decision markers to many of the new risks humans have created.

McGarvey's Mission (03:55)

McGarvey explains his search of new values and a different kind of purpose in his life. He watched the economic transformation of a small Chinese town.

Spiritual Development of an Economy (03:33)

McGarvey shares an anecdote where he encountered pilgrims on a mountain bike ride. He criticizes the economic progress in China for lacking a spiritual component.

New Indicators of Economic Success (04:40)

Henderson reflects on a conference she attended on spirituality and capitalism. Brazil takes the lead in establishing alternative economic indicators of health, education, and satisfaction.

Church of GDP (05:36)

McGarvey describes his experience with the dominance of the gross domestic product index as the sole economic measure. He comments on the inability of Wall Street to define true wealth and true happiness. Henderson suggests that the solar age will be decentralized.

Animal Instinct Based Markets (04:19)

McGarvey suggests that green economic solutions are present, but the way of achievement is not yet established. He labels the current economic structures as fear-based.

Credits: Transitioning Economies Towards New Values: Ethical Markets 6 (01:28)

Credits: Transitioning Economies Towards New Values: Ethical Markets 6

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Transitioning Economies Towards New Values: Ethical Markets 6

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Futurist Hazel Henderson and Asian Markets Sustainability Analyst Matthew McGarvey, discuss trends toward new values beyond Western GDP-measured economic growth. McGarvey recounts his personal journey from growing up in America’s heartland to learning Chinese and working in Beijing, and his experiences in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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