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Theory Induced Blindness (03:14)


Henderson describes the importance of focusing on business education. She cites the 2008 economic meltdown as an indicator for the need to change.

Ethical Considerations (03:11)

Roberts discusses changes in curricula at Flagler College, specifically the addition of behavioral economics and finance. She believes the education system can be part of the solution.

Theory of Self-Interest (03:13)

Roberts explains the capstone course for economics majors. Henderson discusses the implications of Smith's book "The Wealth of Nations."

Competition in a Framework of Laws (03:11)

Henderson discusses the link between Smith and Darwin in business education and the myth of survival of the fittest. She suggests that markets do not work without a framework of agreements and regulations.

Honorable Behavior (02:11)

Roberts promotes the launch of an honorable entrepreneurship minor at Flagler College. She explains the characteristics of a true free market and the lack of ethics in the current economic incentive structures.

Lack of Accountability (04:49)

Henderson suggests that since the economic meltdown of 2008 the moral hazard problem is bigger than ever. She explains the danger of externalizing ethical practices. Roberts discusses the broken window fallacy.

Gross National Happiness Index (05:24)

Roberts shares an example of circular economy that inspired students in her environmental economics class. She wants her students to see that there are better ways to measure our economic activity.

Credits: The Future of Business Education: Ethical Markets 6 (01:27)

Credits: The Future of Business Education: Ethical Markets 6

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The Future of Business Education: Ethical Markets 6

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Chair of the Business Administration Department at Flagler College Dr. Allison Roberts and Hazel Henderson explore the values underlying much traditional business education. Most business schools still teach with obsolete textbooks and assumptions that self-interest competition is “human nature” and that the impacts of business activities harming others and their environmental costs can be “externalized” from company balance sheets.

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