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Failures of Ratings Agencies (02:29)


Hazel Henderson explains that despite new advances in accounting, many of the agencies who gave good ratings to toxic assets still operate with old metrics. As the Global Initiative for Sustainable Ratings has started rating agencies, Henderson sees hope for the future.

Seawater Agriculture (04:38)

Henderson interviews Lawrence Bloom and Claudine Schneider. Bloom intends to urge China to pursue halophytes for food sources in the future.

Resistance to Change (02:57)

Schneider points out that not everyone is able to understand the urgency of addressing climate change. She believes the key is language and communication.

Marketing Strategies and Media (04:18)

Henderson and Schneider discuss the power of media, for the good and the bad. Schneider describes her opposition to the Republican Party.

Paving Change (06:42)

Bloom describes his experience getting sustainability manuals into five million hotel rooms across the world. He describes how politicians use the World Economic Forum to host private meetings.

Green Sovereign Bond (02:54)

Bloom describes a meeting with Paraguay, in which they expressed their intentions to be the first self-sufficient country in energy in the world. He believes that once Paraguay does it, others will know that it can be done.

Standard Bearing Agency (04:01)

The panel discusses possibilities for an agency that can oversee the future. Bloom suggests a bond that would provide incentive.

Old Model (02:10)

Henderson describes the Green Transition Scoreboard. The panel discusses the possibility for change with new generations.

Final Thoughts (02:27)

Bloom describes a German energy company that has seen 50% losses because of their refusal to transition to solar or wind energy. Schneider is shocked at opposition to shifting to LED lights.

Credits: Rating the Ratings Agencies: Ethical Markets 6 (01:20)

Credits: Rating the Ratings Agencies: Ethical Markets 6

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Rating the Ratings Agencies: Ethical Markets 6

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Hazel Henderson interviews Claudine Schneider and Lawrence Bloom. They discuss conflicts of interest of ratings agencies like Standards & Poors and Moody's. Bloom describes his optimism for the futre, in regards to halophytes for China, and Puraguay's efforts to become the first energy self-sufficient country in the world. Schneider, despite her Republican association, describes her frustration with her party and the need to make change.

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