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Ethical Investing Overview (02:01)


New metrics are driving successful portfolios and mutual funds towards healthier, more equitable, and greener economies. Ethical Markets president Hazel Henderson introduces AQAL Capital founder Marianna Bozesan and Sierra Club mutual fund manager Dr. Garvin Jabusch.

AQAL Capital and Green Alpha Advisors (03:46)

Bozesan has a family office based on Ken Wilber's integral model that offers principles with major investment returns to the public. Jabusch explains how he started managing the fossil fuel free Sierra Cub fund and investing in solutions to systemic economic and environmental risks.

Encouraging Green Investment (03:22)

Anderson discusses ways to support alternatives to the fossil fuel economy. A Club of Rome member, Bozesan invests in young entrepreneurs developing integral sustainable companies.

Encouraging Financial Sustainability (02:37)

Anderson discusses how the U.S. venture capital model is broken. Jabusch cites the new IEX as an investment solution countering systemic risks, including global warming and resource scarcity.

Investment Risk Models (03:29)

Bozesan discusses the importance of de-risking early stage green investment. Most asset managers refer to past performance when assessing risk—indicating fossil fuels are "safer" than renewable energy. Electric utility companies used to guarantee bond returns but solar is lowering demand.

Benefiting from the Power Grid (04:40)

Bozesan invests in clean technology in Germany. Building infrastructure to transition from atomic to renewable energy is challenging. Jabusch invests in companies like SolarCity that exploit the old fossil fuel utility model for revenue.

New Energy Financing Models (03:16)

Green investors are trying to break down fossil fuel driven regulations. If the IRS classifies power plants as REITs, they will become available to small investors.

Green Managerial Models (02:18)

Anderson cites cooperative utilities and crowd funding as examples of innovative organizational models. Bozesan discusses applying the IT sector to developing the clean economy and supporting young entrepreneurs.

Future of Green Investing (01:21)

As capital markets evolve and environmental consciousness spreads, sustainable investments are becoming economically viable. Henderson thanks Bozesan and Jabusch and concludes the interview.

Credits: Making Ethical Investing the New Normal: Ethical Markets 6 (01:15)

Credits: Making Ethical Investing the New Normal: Ethical Markets 6

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Ethical Markets Media president Hazel Henderson hosts AQAL Capital GmbH founder and general manager Mariana Bozesan of Munich, Germany as well as Green Alpha ® Advisors cofounder and chief investment officer Garvin Jabusch. Until recently “ethical”, “responsible”, “green” investing has been a niche asset class in most progressive portfolios. Henderson explores the potential for this to become 100% of portfolios with two successful, ethical, “green” asset managers. They discuss supporting young entrepreneurs, challenge “backwards” looking investment risk models, and identify new green energy financing and managerial models. As environmental consciousness spreads, sustainable investments are becoming economically viable—even Warren Buffett is investing in renewable energy utility plants.

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