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Halophyte Plants (03:39)


Henderson explains the importance of protecting retirement investments from the next financial meltdown. Halophyte plants thrive in desert areas and irrigated only by seawater.

Transforming Wastelands (03:27)

Bushnell describes the benefits of halophyte plants and the capacity to switch to a halophyte agriculture. He lists where desert waste lands exists.

Domesticating Seawater Plants (05:07)

During a project to desalt sea water, Hodges noticed the growth of seawater plants. He explains the process of domesticating halophytes in Africa.

Boeing Biofuels (05:32)

Henderson discusses worldwide efforts in desert greening. Bushnell explains a partnership with Boeing to grow halophytes for aviation fuel.

Convincing the Investment Community (03:50)

Hodges discusses a project in Texas experimenting with new crops. He explains the actions needed to convince investors to support desert greening.

Exponential Growth (04:00)

Hodges describes the desert greening project on the Red Sea in Egypt. Henderson attributes exponential growth as a catalyst for agricultural transformation. Hodges and Bushnell give their final thoughts.

Credits: Investing in Desert Greening: Ethical Markets 6 (01:14)

Credits: Investing in Desert Greening: Ethical Markets 6

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Investing in Desert Greening: Ethical Markets 6

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Hazel Henderson, Dennis Bushnell, and Carl Hodges look at opportunities to shift agriculture to desert regions and grow salt-loving plants with seawater and free daily photons from the sun. This halophyte agriculture could provide most of the food, fiber and biofuels for the growing human population on earth.

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