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India Flood Disasters (03:20)


Flash floods can cause a wide range of damage and low-lying geographical areas are more prone to this natural disaster. Learn about several devastating floods that have occurred in India.

China Flood Disasters (03:21)

Learn about the most devastating and destructive floods to have hit China. The exrtemely high death toll in 1931 from flooding is considered the worst natural disaster in history.

Riverly Flood (03:53)

Explore reasons why flooding might occur in an area that does not exhibit low-lying geography. Learn about the disastrous Ohio River flooding in 1937 and the Britain floods of 2007.

Estuary Floods (01:58)

One of the most devastating estuary floods took place in Germany in 1962. Learn about barriers that can be built to help prevent this type of flooding.

Coastal Floods (01:43)

Explore several potential causes of coastal flooding. The Boxing Day tsunami in 2004 and hurricane Katrina in 2005 both resulted in devastating coastal floods.

Catastrophic Flood (01:59)

A catastrophic flood is a sudden and unexpected event. Learn about the powerful torrent that swept through southern France after the Malpasset Dam burst in 1959.

Flash Flood (02:14)

Flash floods occur without warning and are usually gone within six hours. Learn about a devastating flash flood following unusually heavy rainfall in Britain in 1952.

North Sea Floods: January 31st, 1953 (06:02)

Learn about the worst natural disaster to hit Britain during the 20th century. The tragic floods were the worst to hit the Netherlands in over 300 years. Explore the massive devastation in both locations.

Nagoya, Japan: September 26th, 1959 (02:32)

Nagoya took the worst hit from Typhoon Vera, which caused flooding throughout Japan. Thousands were killed or injured and nearly a million people were left homeless.

Italy: November 4th, 1966 (03:34)

After unusually heavy rainfall, the River Arno flooded Florence. On this day, Venice also endured a flood due to heavy rain, high tides and winds. Many other Italian towns were also affected.

South-Eastern United States: June 19th, 1972 (02:53)

Hurricane Agnes traveled from Cuba throughout the Southeast U.S., leaving devastation in its wake. The huge rains caused flood emergencies in several states and the high winds caused damage as well.

Poland: July 1997 (02:17)

Following unusually heavy rainfall, the Oder River flooded southern Poland. Aid came from other countries to help the people of Poland recover from the disaster.

Flood Warning Systems (02:05)

Floods continue to be one of the most devastating natural disasters. Countries all over the world are working to improve early warning systems.

Flood Protection Systems (05:36)

Explore the wide variety of flood barriers employed by countries around the world. Floods cannot be stopped, but early detection and increased protection may prevent human loss.

Credits: Torrents of Terror: The World's Worst Disasters (00:48)

Credits: Torrents of Terror: The World's Worst Disasters

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Throughout history, floods have killed more people and caused more widespread destruction than any kind of event other than war. This program examines the different types of floods, what causes them, the havoc they wreak, and what can be done to minimize their damage. A BBC Production.

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