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Introduction: Should I Eat Meat? (03:12)


Meat consumption has nearly doubled in the last 50 years. Michael Mosley questions recent negative headlines. "Does meat really give you cancer?"

Nutrients in Meat (02:57)

Visit a meat packing plant. Meat provides protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Chicken and other white meats are not considered to have health risks.

High Meat Diet Experiment (03:13)

Mosely will eat 4.6 ounces of red and processed meat daily for one month, twice the recommended daily amount. He gets baseline testing for body fat, weight and cholesterol.

Longevity of Adventists (04:13)

Mosely attends church with a family of Seventh-day Adventists. He learns about their diet beliefs over breakfast.

Heart Disease Risk in Meat Eaters (02:52)

Dr. Fraser's studies span 30 years and include over 150,000 Seventh-day Adventists. He concludes that eating 60 grams of meat daily can shorten your life by 4 to 5 years.

Saturated Fats and Heart Disease (02:50)

Experts are unsure what is in meat that creates a higher risk for heart disease. The connection was made during studies in the 1950s. After Eisenhower's heart attack he adopted a low-fat diet.

Controversial Findings (03:49)

Dr. Krauss studies the connection between cholesterol and heart disease and was surprised to find that putting his patients on a low fat diet actually raised their cholesterol.

L-carnitine Hypothesis (03:53)

New research shows an ingredient found in lean meat reacts with gut bacteria to produce TMAO, a substance that can slow down removal of cholesterol from arteries. Hear about meat's cultural role.

Evidence of Increased Health Risks (03:50)

Dr. Willett's study of 120,000 men and women confirms consumption of unprocessed meats contributes to premature death. Eating processed meats increases the risk by 50%.

"The Innocents Abroad": Roman Colosseum (10:04)

Mark and Doc stage a mock fencing duel at the Colosseum. Mark and Doc lose money to a man posing as a tour guide.

"The Innocents Abroad": Italian Street Performers (08:54)

Mark, Julia, and Doc watch a street performance in Rome. The trio visits an Italian barber shop.

Colonoscopy and Polyp Removal (04:56)

Dr. Sanderson explains the procedure. Hear his opinion on eating red and processed meats. He recommends a colonoscopy for people when they are in their fifites.

Why Are Processed Meats Dangerous (04:11)

Mosley cures some bacon and learns how the high amounts of salt and sodium nitrates negatively affect our health and may promote cancer growth. Smoking meats exposes our body to PAHs.

High Meat Diet Experiment: Results (04:03)

While there is no evidence of NOC levels in Mosley's stool, possibly due to a high intake of fruits and vegetables, his bad cholesterol level, blood pressure and weight has increased.

Conclusion: Should I Eat Meat? (02:41)

Based on the negative effects of Mosley's high meat diet, his family will be cutting back on red and processed meats.

Credits: Should I Eat Meat? (00:44)

Credits: Should I Eat Meat?

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Meat—particularly red and processed meat—has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. There have been stories saying that it's a killer, that it causes cancer and that it can take years off your life. Michael Mosley wants to find out if red meats and processed meats are really as bad as we are led to believe. In this program, Mosley meets eminent scientists and doctors who have been studying meat for decades and finds out what happens to his body when he goes on a meat heavy diet. Will meat still be on the menu?

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