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Introduction: How Oil Made Us: Planet Oil (02:55)


This film presents the origin of oil and its journey to the age of the hydrocarbon man.

Origin of Oil (04:31)

"We live in an age of oil." - Black stone is known as oil shell, they are the building blocks of oil. Pressure and temperature has made a fuel packed with energy.

Blake and Bissell Strike Oil (05:00)

In 1853, Bissell was interested in oil to create light. Sperm whales almost went extinct as a result for the need to light the world. Edwin, bankrolled by Bissell, built an oil drill.

John D. Rockefeller (03:26)

Blake and Bissell became the fathers of the modern oil industry. By 1861, over 1 million barrels a year were being produced. Rockefeller taught the world how to use oil and made us realize how much we needed it.

King of Light (04:30)

In 1865, Rockefeller used all his money to build an oil rig, focusing on quality of oil not quantity. He transpired with railroad companies to ensure the delivery and quality of oil. Within a decade he owned 80% of America's kerosene supply.

Baku Oil Bath (03:37)

In 1870, Nobel traveled to Baku, Azerbaijan in search of wood and found a black landscape. He and his brother created Nobel Brother's Petroleum Company.

Samuel's Super-Tanker Ship (05:03)

Rockefeller could supply Asia with oil by boat faster than Nobel by land. In 1869, the Suez Canal opened allowing merchants to make a shortcut from Europe into Asia. Samuel altered oil ships to fit in this canal.

Age of Mobility (03:54)

On September 4, 1882, Edison brought electrical illumination to the masses. Oil was rendered almost completely redundant. Automobiles and the age of mobility gave oil new life.

A Government Enters the Oil Industry (04:47)

When the age of light was overtaken by the age of mobility gasoline became the savior of the oil industry. Benz, only able to afford cheap gasoline, created an internal combustion engine. In 1911, Churchill's warships had to be converted from coal to oil.

Middle East Oil Fields (05:07)

Churchill knew the key to keeping Britain great was the oil field in the Middle East. In 1928, oil field owners in the Middle East met to discuss combining all oil fields with complete cooperation.

Hitler's Oil Thirsty Armies (04:04)

Hitler envisioned a Reich that would last one thousand years. In 1939, he knew oil was going to be key to that plan. WWII was a conflict consumed by crude oil, in the air and on the ground.

Age of Hydrocarbon Man (02:15)

This modern era would experience an economic boom like no other fueled by oil from the Middle East. In 1944, Roosevelt claimed Saudi Arabia's oil fields. He overlooked one thing: the people whose oil he was taking.

Credits: How Oil Made Us: Planet Oil (00:49)

Credits: How Oil Made Us: Planet Oil

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From the moment we first drilled for oil, we opened a Pandora's box that changed the world forever. It transformed the way we lived our lives, spawned foreign wars, and turned a simple natural resource into the most powerful political weapon the world has ever known. It's a journey that will help us answer a fundamental question—how did we become so addicted to oil in little more than one human lifetime? A BBC Production. 

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