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Introduction: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 2 (01:19)


This film presents the threat level analysis of Mount Marion on Ambrym Island in Australia. It is one of the five lava lakes in the world.

Ambrym Island (02:09)

Ambrym's volcano contains a permanently bubbling cauldron of molten rock. Cronin studies if the behavior of the volcano is shifting.

Eruption Threat Level (04:05)

Planning a trip to Ambryn Island is like a military operation. The threat of Mount Marion erupting is ever present. Cronin evaluates the condition of the threat level.

Inhabitant's Culture (03:56)

A base camp is set up on the mountain for six scientists to study its threat level. Ambym Island is notorious for black magic. Mount Marion is considered taboo.

Volcanic Vent (02:24)

A volcanic vent is a deep crack in the Earth releasing carbon dioxide. The high levels of carbon dioxide suggest the rising of magma from deep below.

Trading Rituals (03:00)

On the small Ambrym Island, four languages are spoken. Pigs are used as currency. Trading rituals happen once a year.

Plumb of Sulfur Dioxide (04:50)

Mount Marion's gas plumb is visible from space. In 2005, it produced more sulfur dioxide than anywhere else in the world.

Journey to Mount Marion (02:16)

Driving rains and strong winds at the summit of Mount Marion make any attempt to descend into the crater impossible.

Ascending to the Top of Mount Marion (02:44)

An important ritual must be done before progressing to the mountain. The team arrives at the summit.

Rising Lava Lake (03:08)

Cronin observes that the lava lake is much higher and vigorous than when he last observed. He wants to extract rock and gas samples from as near to the lake as possible.

Chemical Composition of Magma (03:35)

A climbing briefing warns scientists of the effects of acid rain. The amount of zirconium in lava rocks is analyzed to understand the chemical composition of magma and the eruption history of Mount Marion.

Measuring Sulfur Dioxide (02:18)

Cronin takes samples from the gas plumb to measure the amount of sulfur dioxide. Increasing levels of gas indicates that Marion is becoming more active. A new lava lake is discovered.

Descending into the Crater (04:16)

The crumbling rock, heat, and gaseous environment make the descent into the crater difficult. The team reach a cliff just above the lava lake.

Collecting Samples (04:25)

"It's like witnessing the beginning of the Earth." - The team collect rock and gas samples from the edge of Mount Marion's crater.

Scientific Observation Results (03:07)

Cronin and his team compare the data they collected to the data they already had from large eruptions in 1989 and 2005. Sulfur dioxide amounts are increasing. The composition of the lava is similar to that of the last two big eruptions.

Credits: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 2 (00:40)

Credits: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 2

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Marum, situated on the remote island of Ambrym, is home to one of just five lava lakes on the planet. A local legend points the team in the direction of a volcanic vent on the coast releasing potentially deadly gases, before they abseil right into the volcanic crater to take samples that could be key to the islanders’ safety. A BBC Production 

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