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Introduction: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 1 (01:27)


This film presents Mount Yasur in Vanuatu, Australia, a mountain that's been erupting for over 300 years.

Mount Yasur (02:52)

Vanuatu is home to a volcano that erupts day and night. Inhabitants call this volcano Yasur, "the old man." It has been erupting on and off for 300 years.

Lava Bombs (04:43)

Big explosions of the volcano are followed by a shock wave. Scientists attempt to get a fresh lava bomb. Much can be learned from studying the chemistry of fresh lava.

Son of the Volcano Spirit (05:43)

Humble and her crew wake to find a plumb of gas spiraling out of the volcano. They question inhabitants about the experience of living next to an active volcano.

Monitoring Sulfur Levels (02:02)

The amount of sulfur in the gas emitted by Mount Yasur might help scientists predict if the eruptions will become more violent.

Inhabitant's Culture (02:39)

Vanuatu inhabitants see pigs as a sign of wealth and status. In 2006, Vanuatu was named the happiest nation on Earth.

Radiant Heat (04:00)

Scientists set-up a camera that captures radiant heat from the heart of the mountain. Every volcano has a particular chemistry. Timing volcano blasts allows for a safe extraction of a fresh lava bomb.

Farming in Vanuatu (03:32)

Taro root is a good crop to grow when living near a volcano. The ash slides off its large leaves. The erupting ash brings the benefit of soil full of minerals.

History of Mount Yasur (03:18)

Layers of ash, preserved by a quickly drained lake, reveal the history of Mount Yasur over the last 400 hundred years.

Evidence of Cataclysmic Eruption (02:39)

A massive and violent eruption of Mount Yasur is evident from the formation of a large, red cliff known as a caldera. If any eruption of the same magnitude occurred again, no one would survive on the island.

Waiting for a Lava Bomb (03:59)

Humble and her team wait for the proper timing to recover a lava bomb. They have two minutes from when the bomb has landed to recover it and get back to a safe distance.

Mount Yasur Throws a Bomb (04:00)

Yasur erupts a lava bomb that is the right size and distances from the scientists. They prepare for the extraction of the bomb.

Collecting a Lava Bomb (04:16)

Humble's team strike at the opportunity of collecting a lava bomb just in reach.

Scientific Observation (02:14)

Humble and her team discover a low amount of zirconium in the fresh lava bomb collected, indicating a low level of threat from a massive eruption of Mount Yasur.

Credits: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 1 (00:39)

Credits: Journey to Fire Mountain: Part 1

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On the island of Tanna, the team get perilously close to the bubbling lava at the heart of Yasur to retrieve lava bombs that contain vital data. En route to the volcano, they discover why Kapia pigs are so revered on the island, how a cyclone caused a three-kilometre-wide lake to disappear in just a couple of hours, and why the volcanic soil found here results in such lush vegetation. A BBC Production

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