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Introduction: Typhoons: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (01:39)


This brief overview of tropical storms orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Typhoon Alley (03:49)

Visit the Phillippines to learn how typhoons are created. Storm surges cause widespread flooding during a tropical storm.

Manila Flooding (04:55)

2009 was a storm-ridden year for the Philippines. View flood footage from Typhoon Ketsana. Early warning systems are now in place to alert residents to flood danger.

Typhoon Ketsana (03:15)

Meet a young girl outisde of Manila that was drastically affected by the tropical storm. Four years later, the community is still rebuilding. Local emergency teams teach children survival skills in case of flooding.

Pagasa Weather Forecasting (02:31)

Visit the heart of the weather prediction center in the Philippines. Early warning systems are crucial to the residents during typhoon season.

Batanes Islands (03:57)

Visit the northernmost weather station in the Philippines and learn the different categories of typhoons. Learn how the Ivatan people cope with the extreme tropical storms that frequently disrupt their lives.

Typhoon Force Winds (06:56)

Leo attempts to recreate what it feels like in the middle of a typhoon by participating in wingsuit base jumping. Post-jump data shows that he flew as fast as a category 3 typhoon.

Credits: Typhoons: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (00:38)

Credits: Typhoons: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Typhoons: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Featuring footage from the BBC and other natural history archives, the Fierce Earth series showcases the power of nature's fury. This episode focuses on typhoons. Viewers learn about typhoon alley, weather prediction and storm rating systems. A BBC Production.

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