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Introduction: Landslides: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (01:47)


This brief overview of landslides orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Coastal Erosion (03:35)

Learn about the four different types of landslides and where they tend to occur. Visit the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom that is particularly prone to landslides.

Flowing Water Erosion (04:13)

Leo visits Scotland to learn how the river rapids cause landslides. View the channels that are carved into the river rocks after years of erosion.

Isle of Wight Giant Landslide (03:20)

Visit the aftermath of a giant landslide on the Isle of Wight. Learn how increased rain caused the slide as opposed to the waves, which are the usual cause of slides on the island.

Rain and Landslides (01:48)

View a demonstration that shows how increased rainfall causes landslides.

Sinkholes (06:43)

Learn how limestone and underground water work together to create sink holes. Explore underground caves to see the view from the bottom of Alum Pot, a well-known sinkhole near Selside, England.

Blackgang Chine (06:07)

A popular amusement park on the Isle of Wight is slowly being eroded away. Learn how Blackgang Chine is combating the risk of landslides by increasing the stability of surrounding cliffs.

Credits: Landslides: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (00:49)

Credits: Landslides: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Landslides: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Featuring footage from the BBC and other natural history archives, the Fierce Earth series showcases the power of nature's fury. This episode focuses on landslides. Viewers learn about the types of slides, what causes slides, and sinkholes. A BBC Production.

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