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Introduction: Wettest: Fierce Earth (02:32)


This brief overview of extreme rainfall orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Monsoon in India (02:28)

Leah Gooding explains the weather patterns that create monsoons. Monsoon season lasts about three months; the local cultures celebrate with festivals.

Monsoon Paradox (02:24)

Visit a family that farms rice in the Sundarbans to learn how they cope with the monsoon rains. The rains are necessary for crops but also destructive to the land.

Kolkata Sewers (04:43)

Visit India's third largest city in the middle of the torrential monsoons. The underground sewer system draws monsoon water below the city.

Shillong, India (01:41)

Follow along in a helicopter tour to learn about the weather conditions that take place in the clouds during a monsoon.

Meghalaya, India (02:35)

Visit the wettest place on Earth and compare the yearly amounts of rainfall in Meghalaya to those in Britain.

Meghalaya Waterfalls (02:07)

Dougal Jerram traverses a powerful waterfall and learns the composition of the cliffs.

Meghalaya Caves (02:26)

Limestone and water create cavernous spaces in the cliffs. Jerram explores the underground caves created by monsoon rains.

Living Root Bridges (03:37)

Locals manipulate the roots and branches of living trees to create bridges. Residents use the bridges to travel safely, especially during monsoon rains.

World's Rainiest Town (02:53)

Cherapunjee and Mawsynram have a long-standing debate over which is the rainiest town. The Fierce Earth team compares yearly rainfall results to determine the winner of the title.

Credits: Wettest: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (00:50)

Credits: Wettest: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Wettest: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Featuring footage from the BBC and other natural history archives, the Fierce Earth series showcases the power of nature's fury. This episode focuses on monsoon season. The team follows the path of the monsoon across India until they reach a village thought to be the wettest place in the world; Leah Gooding explores how locals handle the rain. Dougal Jerram traverses a waterfall and explores the cave system created by torrential rains. A BBC Production. 

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