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Introduction: Ice: Fierce Earth (01:36)


This brief overview of Iceland and winter storms orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

How Ice Forms (03:36)

Approximately 10% of the Earth is ice. Dougal Jerram explains how fresh snowfall creates giant sheets of ice. Glaciers have slow, but powerful, movement.

Icebergs and Ice Sheets (02:29)

Icebergs fill a lagoon in Iceland. Ice melt slowly contributes to rising sea levels, a cause for concern if global warming persists.

Iceland Volcanoes (05:00)

Jerram explains what happens when an erupting volcano encounters layers of ice. Dangerous flash floods result when the ice melts quickly.

Volcano Evacuation (02:17)

An Icelandic town has an evacuation plan in case the nearby volcano erupts. Residents will have forty-five minutes to evacuate once the alarm sounds.

Supercooled Water (04:03)

Mike Theiss encountered a heavy winter storm in Boston; see images of the aftermath. Supercooled water can instantly turn to ice once it comes into contact with an object.

Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (04:17)

Follow along with the ICE-SAR team as they complete a staged rescue training mission. The team uses specialized equipment to rescue people on the glaciers.

Bobsledding (04:12)

Watch as Leo Houlding navigates one of the fastest bobsledding tracks in the world. Ice is not slippery, but metal blades cause ice to melt and the water left on the surface is slippery.

Credits: Ice: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (00:55)

Credits: Ice: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Ice: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Featuring footage from the BBC and other natural history archives, the Fierce Earth series showcases the power of nature's fury. This episode focuses on the dangerous qualities of ice.  Leo Houlding explores the properties of ice while bobsledding, Mike Theiss witnesses the power of ice storms, and Clare Nasir and Dougal Jerram explain how glaciers form. A BBC Production.

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