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Introduction: Driest: Fierce Earth (01:37)


This brief overview of the Atacama Desert in Chile orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Andes Mountains (02:18)

There are three dry factors that work to create the Atacama Desert. The Andes Mountains block rain coming from the East.

Humboldt Current (02:26)

The Humboldt Current carries cold, arctic water which doesn't evaporate off the sea. This stops any rain from forming to the west of the Atacama Desert.

Hot Equator Air (01:54)

Hot air rises from the equator and falls back down on the Atacama Desert, drying up any moisture that would be in the air. Review the three dry factors that prevent rain from falling in the Atacama Desert.

Quillagua, Chile (05:30)

Visit the driest town in the world; it received only 15 millimeters of rain in 30 years. In order to survive, residents truck water into town five times a week.

Crossing the Atacama Desert (05:32)

Leo competes against Chilean Army member Antonio to travel fifteen kilometers across the Chilean desert with only one liter of water. Learn survival tips for traveling in the desert.

Harvesting Fog (03:19)

Learn how cold and hot air creates fog. Desert residents set up nets that capture 500 liters of water per day for their storage tanks. Farmers use the water to irrigate crops.

Paranal Observatory (04:48)

The clear, dry desert sky makes an excellent location for VLTs. Watch the powerful telescopes open to explore areas of space never before visible from Earth.

Credits: Driest: Fierce Earth (Series 2) (00:59)

Credits: Driest: Fierce Earth (Series 2)

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Featuring footage from the BBC and other natural history archives, the Fierce Earth series showcases the power of nature's fury. This episode focuses on the extremely dry climate in Chile's Atacama Desert. Viewers learn what geographical features created the desert, how residents live in the extreme climate, and why it's an excellent location for telescopes. A BBC Production.

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