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Introduction: Hedy Lamarr: Extraordinary Women (01:39)


This introduction summarizes the rise and fall of Hedy Lamarr in Hollywood, and her technological redemption.

Series Intro: Extraordinary Women (00:29)

Series Intro: Extraordinary Women

"The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" (02:11)

Born Hedwig Eva Kiesler, in Vienna, Austria, beautiful Hedy landed small roles in Vienna's film industry. She left for Berlin to pursue her career while still a teen.

Sex in Cinema (02:33)

Though near collapse from the Great Depression, Germans still enjoyed cinema. In 1932, Hedy was cast as Eva in the controversial film "Ecstasy."

Friedrich Mandl: Husband #1 (03:30)

At 19, Hedy married Friedrich Mandl and announced her retirement. The couple traveled extensively. Mandl gave her everything but freedom.

Fascism on the Rise (02:26)

Jewish by birth, Hedy could not tolerate that her husband was selling arms to Mussolini's regime. In 1936, she fled Mandl under disguise.

Hedy Kiesler Becomes Hedy Lamarr (01:53)

During a ship ride with Mayer, Hedy secured a lucrative acting contract under two conditions, that she lose weight and change her name.

Kristallnacht (03:16)

In 1938, Hedy played the lead in her first Hollywood film. Hedy could not enjoy her success due to the conditions of the Jews in Europe at the time.

Gene Markey: Husband #2 (01:38)

Just a month after their first meeting, Markey and Hedy were married. Soon, they adopted a son. Four months later, they were divorced.

Pearl Harbor (03:45)

By 1940, Europe was at war. Hedy, determined to show her loyalty to the United States, promoted sales of war bonds.

Hollywood Canteen (03:39)

On October 3, 1942, the Hollywood Canteen opened, a club for entertaining allied servicemen on their way to war. Hedy felt ill-at-ease in Hollywood with Europe suffering.

Hedy Meets Antheil (03:37)

Antheil gained the reputation of being radical and unpredictable. Hedy convinced Antheil to work with her on an invention she believed could protect shipping and win the battle of the Atlantic.

Spread Spectrum Invention (01:07)

In Hedy and Antheil's design, a piano paper roll would be placed in both transmitter and in the torpedo's receiver, working in perfect synchronization. Their final design used 88 frequencies, the number of keys on a piano.

Government Rejection (01:24)

In 1940, Hedy and Antheil sent their revolutionary spread spectrum invention to the United States Patent & Trademark Office. The patent was approved, by the government rejected it.

John Loder: Husband #3 (02:12)

In 1942, Hedy was cast as Tondelayo in "White Cargo." This secured her reputation as an exotic, erotic fantasy. On May 27, 1943, Hedy married Loder.

"Samson and Delilah" (03:09)

On July 17, 1947, Hedy and Loder finalized their divorce. At 32, Hedy was desperate to hold on to stardom. Casted as Delilah, Hedy gave her best performance.

Ted Stauffer: Husband #4 (02:26)

At 35, Hedy's life was beginning to unravel. She had to fight hard for strong women roles which she excelled. On June 11, 1951, Hedy married Stauffer, a night club owner.

Divorce #4 (01:35)

Hedy abandoned her adopted child, James. Claiming Stauffer had hit her, Hedy began the divorce process in 1952. Money began to run out.

W. Howard Lee: Husband #5 (01:27)

Hedy married oil baron and millionaire Lee on December 23, 1953. They divorced in 1958. She married her divorce lawyer on March 4th, 1963, suing for divorce just one year later.

Shoplifting Scandal (02:37)

At age 60, Hedy was alone. In 1966, Hedy was arrested for shoplifting. After a five hour deliberation from the jury, Hedy was declared not guilty.

"Mother of Modern Technology" (02:30)

CDMA became the industry standard for wireless communication. CDMA was a modernized version of Hedy's spread spectrum invention. In her 80s, Lamarr was once again rich and famous.

Credits: Hedy Lamarr: Extraordinary Women (00:45)

Credits: Hedy Lamarr: Extraordinary Women

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Hedy Lamarr was a woman who seemed to have it all—glamour, power, wealth, intelligence, and adoration. But behind the public success, there was private heartache and personal tragedy. This episode of Extraordinary Women features archival video footage, interviews and dramatic re-enactment of the life of Hedy Lamarr, one of many pioneering women who paid a price for her achievements. Learn how Lamarr emerged as a triumphant inspirational icon of science and entertainment in the 20th century. A BBC Production.

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