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Introduction: Future Fantastic: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (01:53)


In this episode, Mark Miodownik will display future technologies. Alok Jha will examine new brain imaging techniques and a robot with a sense of touch. In the studio, the team will explore cryonics via ice cream.

Living in Cities (04:02)

Dr. Helen Czerski travels to Brazil to investigate how people will organize cities as they grow in the future. Rio de Janeiro has a center of operations that captures and processes real-time data so it can respond efficiently to whatever happens in the city; it also uses the data to track patterns.

What the Future Looks Like (03:50)

Physics professor Michio Kaku joins Dara O'Briain to talk about the future. Kaku says Internet technology will become ubiquitous. He expects humans to become a two-planet species, because our survival may depend on it. Humans will have less privacy but more wealth and convenience.

Brain Wiring (02:08)

Jha visits Prof. Karl Deisseroth to see the technology his team developed to see the wiring of the brain. It shows individual cells, but doesn't yet work on living brains.

Seeing Alok's Brain (05:08)

Jha visits Dr. Van Wedeen to have his brain mapped by experimental brain imaging technology. Wedeen says this technology could help us detect consciousness. Dr. Molly Crockett joins the Science Club team to see Alok's brain image and discuss what this technology means.

Life after Death (03:10)

In the 1960s and 1970s, many believed that science could freeze dead people and bring them back to life once illness cures were found. Mark Miodownik shows how ice crystal formation makes this unlikely.

Rate of Freezing (02:14)

Miodownik and O'Briain demonstrate how to use liquid nitrogen to freeze a carrot so quickly that it limits the size of destructive ice crystals.

Microscopically Smooth Ice Cream (02:33)

Miodownik and O'Briain make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Audience members taste the ice cream and provide feedback.

Mining the Moon (03:18)

Asteroids are rich sources of metal; the moon is covered with asteroid debris. Miodownik visits Ontario to see technologies being developed for space mining. The opportunity is rife with textural, temperature, logistics, and expense challenges.

Moon Mining Viability (02:21)

Moon mining could be made viable by processing the metals in space using solar-powered electrolysis. Oxygen is a byproduct, which could help support a mining base on the moon; it could become a staging area for space exploration.

Helium in Space (02:06)

The Science Club team and guests discuss the implications of a mining base on the moon. Prof. Michio Kaku points out that helium 3 is found on the moon, and Earth is running out of helium. Because it is used as a coolant for hospital diagnostic equipment, this could be a huge problem.

Technical Textiles (04:18)

O'Briain recounts past predictions about the future of fashion. Miodownik displays an opalescent material that incorporates structures from butterfly wings and demonstrates electroluminescent materials.

Graspy the Robot (03:09)

Jha reports on Graspy, a robot created by Prof. Kathryn Kuchenbecker and her team. Graspy has touch sensors that enable him to handle delicate objects and gather tactile information.

HUBO the Thinking Robot (03:27)

HUBO is a robot designed to learn and think independently. To be useful in a disaster zone, he must walk on two feet, drive a car, and grasp items.

Robot Learning (03:11)

The Science Club team, Dr. Crockett, and Prof. Kaku, discuss robot learning and abilities, and interact with autonomous robot NAO. NAO is designed to work with autistic students.

Future Technologies (02:37)

O'Briain tries out a bluetooth glove. The Science Club team sees what they might look like in the future using the Oldify app.

Credits: Future Fantastic: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 2) (00:46)

Credits: Future Fantastic: Dara O'Briain's Science Club (Series 2)

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In this episode of Dara O'Briain's Science Club, the team looks to the future. From futuristic fabrics to moon mining, the team and its distinguished guests explore what to expect in the future. Dara O'Briain's Science Club combines lively discussions featuring some of the world’s most eminent scientists, with exciting experiments, studio demonstrations, and film reports of cutting-edge science stories. Loosely themed each episode – from Invisible Worlds to Size Matters via Adventures in Time – Science Club explores the ideas that are transforming our lives and our understanding of the world.

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