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Returning Home After War (03:52)


Historical context is provided to orient viewers to the story of Nightingale. Images of war are displayed as she journeys back to her childhood home.

Soldier's Preserver (03:33)

A theatrical play pays homage to Nightingale. At home, Nightingale is physically exhausted and reflects on the title of bravery bestowed upon her by the people.

Loss of Innocence (03:51)

Flashbacks reveal Nightingale's thoughts of escaping a life of vanity and social expectations at age 17. Her political fervor breaks through at a social gathering.

Tyranny of an English Family (04:45)

As a young woman, Nightingale must choose between a suitor and her calling from God. William and Frances Nightingale are dismayed by their daughter's actions.

Pursuing Retribution (03:12)

Sydney Herbert, former Minister of War, delivers upsetting news to Nightingale who seeks justice after the war. She is invited to meet Queen Victoria of England. A theatrical play pays comedic homage to her preparations for the visit.

Royal Commission (03:52)

On September 21, 1856 in Balmoral Castle, Nightingale meets Queen Victoria. Nightingale suggests a royal commission on war crimes and military hospital reformation.

Reflections on War (04:08)

In 1856, Nightingale makes a war office out of a hotel room and ponders about the confidential report she must write. A theatrical play pays homage to the British Light Brigade.

Preparing for War (04:12)

A reporter reveals the conditions of wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. When young Nightingale discovers this, she is sure of her mission. She seeks out an ally in Herbert who recommended she form a team of nurses.

Barracks at Skatari (04:59)

On November 3, 1854, Nightingale and her brigade of nurses reach a military hospital in Constantinople. She waits for the right moment to take charge.

Political Red Tape (03:58)

Cut-off from supplies, Nightingale turns to Herbert for support. She writes a plan for the systematic reorganization of military hospitals. Nightingale questions her ability to persist.

Going to Battle (03:46)

Nightingale pays Prime Minister Palmerston a visit to inquire about the status of the royal commission. She and fellow statistician, William Farr, analyze soldier mortality rates.

Useless Martyr (03:32)

Nightingale speaks with a priest about feelings of guilt and inadequacy. Her military hospital's death rate surpasses others due to a lack of sanitation.

Diplomatic Obstacles (02:45)

Nightingale completes her confidential report and meets with Prime Minister Palmerston and Herbert to discuss the next steps. A theatrical play presents a physically exhausted Nightingale who passes out on stage.

Finding Peace (08:00)

Nightingale takes leave at Malvern Spa where she refuses to eat. Her father visits and alleviates the weight of responsibility Nightingale has placed on herself.

Credits: Florence Nightingale (01:16)

Credits: Florence Nightingale

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An English aristocrat, Florence Nightingale rejected a stately life for the military hospitals of Crimea. Enraged at the neglect of the wounded, she returned home to wage a one-woman war with Parliament and the Queen for proper care of Britain’s fighting men. Nightingale revolutionized the world of medicine and nursing.  

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