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Civilian Victim of War Weapons (03:00)


Chim Kong was injured by a landmine while gathering firewood; she could no longer work in the fields. Cambodia has an estimated 45,000 amputees.

National Center for Rehabilitation (02:52)

Lay missionary Patty Curran and her team provide literacy and vocational training programs to amputees and disabled people; Kong graduated from the program.

Independent Business (02:10)

The program at the National Center for Rehabilitation in Phnom Penh sells items students made in production workshops; graduating students receive part of the profit to start a business. The annual income in Cambodia is $300. Kong makes and sells silk animals in a handicraft shop in Phenom Penh.

Cambodian History and Culture (04:24)

The temples of Angkor were the sacred places of the Khmer civilization; the Khmer Empire ruled much of Southeast Asia for 500 years. Kong visits her family during the Khmer New Year; she is too embarrassed of her disability to dance during the celebration.

Violence in Cambodia (02:01)

In Cambodia, 8-10 million landmines lay hidden in the ground; over 300 people step on one every month. An expert discusses the country's violent history beginning in the 1960s.

Working at Wat Than (02:25)

Kong and Curran visit a Buddhist temple. Curran reflects on the common ground between her religion and Buddhism and her changing perceptions about war and compassion.

Living in the Shadow of Landmines (02:03)

Curran reflects on the growth of students at Wat Than; 450 have graduated since the vocational training program's inception. Deactivating landmines cost $1,000 for each one. The U.S. did not sign the 1997 treaty banning landmines.

Call to Action (02:02)

Kong wants all countries to ban landmines; village children dance to demand a ban on landmines. Curran wants to support people in their struggles. See how to contact Maryknoll Missioners.

Credits: Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Rehabilitating Land Mine Victims—The Field Afar (00:28)

Credits: Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Rehabilitating Land Mine Victims—The Field Afar

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Rehabilitating Land Mine Victims—The Field Afar

Part of the Series : The Field Afar: The Story of Maryknoll
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Maryknoll lay missioner Patty Curran works with landmine victims and people with disabilities at the National Center for Rehabilitation in Wat Than. Chim Kong was a vicitm of a landmine explosion at the age of 12. This film provides an inside look at disabled people undergoing vocational training to lead a productive life and Kong's struggle with courage and independence. 

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