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Marc Gafni Introduction (02:11)


The rabbi encourages listeners to explore meaning in their lives. He recalls realizing his calling as a teenage rabbinical student and discusses the "soul print" concept.

Genesis 12-22 (12:17)

Gafni questions what drives human nature and discusses the desire to move from loneliness to connection. Our hopes, fears, and character are our "soul print." Loving is perceiving the soul print in another, and seeing with God's eyes. Gafni relates this idea to the story of God calling on Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.

Biblical Psychology (01:55)

Gafni discusses Freud and Frankl's explanations of human nature. He believes we are driven to move from loneliness to love, and we discover our "soul print" through major life events.

Search for Meaning (03:39)

Gafni says the Bible is alive for him and explains that the kabbalah is a mystical interpretation of the biblical text. He wants to bring Judaism to a wide audience and share his passion for spirituality. He sees God as manifested in human beings.

Credits: Marc Gafni: Great Preachers (00:36)

Credits: Marc Gafni: Great Preachers

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Marc Gafni: Great Preachers

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The Odyssey Channel's Bill Turpie explores the message and spiritual journey of preaching with Rabbi Marc Gafni, who delivers a sermon prepared for this series. 

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