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Introduction: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Debate (10/22/2012): US Presidential Election Debates (01:48)


Florida's Lynn University, Bob Schieffer introduces President Obama and Governor Romney. He explains the debate format and rules. Fifty years ago today, President Kennedy announced the installation of nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Romney: Libya and Terrorism in the Middle East (03:03)

Romney is concerned about the turbulence in Syria, Mali, and Libya and with the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran. He says, "We can't kill our way out of this mess."

Obama: Libya and Terrorism in the Middle East (02:10)

Obama says al-Qaida's core leadership has been destroyed and we are transitioning out of Afghanistan. Despite the tragedy in Libya, we removed their dictator and they consider us allies.

Romney: Strategy for the Middle East (01:53)

Romney plans to kill the "bad guys" and help the Muslim world reject terrorism on its own. Hear ways Arab scholars believe America can help.

Obama: Romney's Record of Poor Judgement (01:52)

Obama accuses Romney of having outdated social, foreign and economic policies as well as sending mixed messages to our troops and allies.

Romney: Our Greatest National Security Threat (03:12)

Romney refutes Obama's accusations and adds attacking him is not an agenda for the Middle East. He believes Vladimir Putin is a concern and Obama should have had a forces agreement in Iraq. Obama defends his Middle East strategy.

Obama: America's Policy for Syria (02:15)

Obama lists everything being done to help the opposition remove Assad from power. He has no plans to involve the US military.

Romney: America's Policy for Syria (02:14)

Romney agrees Assad must go, his replacement needs to be someone America can work with and we need to make sure they have the arms to defend themselves.

Obama: Comparing Syria and Libya (01:31)

Obama says we are leading with humanitarian support and creating allies for the long term. Syria must be handled similarly to Libya. He reminds Romney that he was not in favor of capturing Muammar Gaddafi.

Romney: Plans for Military in Syria (01:46)

Romney intends to eject Assad through supporting allies in the region. He feels Obama has not taken a leadership role with regards to Syria. Obama responds.

Obama: Regrets Over Egypt Turmoil (02:27)

He stands by his call for Mubarak's removal. Egypt's new democratic government has to take certain responsibilities and abide by their treaty with Israel. We have neglected our own economy, energy sectors, and education system.

Romney: A Mission for the Middle East (02:30)

He agrees with the removal of Mubarak. To be leaders of peace we need both a strong economy and strong military. Our biggest national security threat is our debt.

Romney: What is America's Role in the World? (02:27)

Our role is to defend freedom and promote principles of peace. To do that we need a strong military and a strong economy. We need to stand by our allies, unlike the way we pulled our missile defense program out of Poland.

Obama: What is America's Role in the World? (02:13)

Obama says we are stronger now than when he came into office. To rebuild America he plans to develop clean energy, stop rewarding companies that send jobs overseas, reduce the deficit and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. He challenges Romney's reckless policies.

Romney: Five Steps to Rebuild America (01:55)

Hear Mitt Romney's plans to tackle energy independence; trade; training for teachers; balancing the budget, and new business formation.

Obama: How Can America Compete? (03:09)

Obama says Romney's policies on small business don't work and that he is undermining our competitiveness by reducing support for education. Romney interjects that his schools are number one in the nation.

Romney: Military Funding (01:42)

Romney says he will pay for increased military without driving up America's debt by eliminating unnecessary programs such as "Obamacare."

Obama: Military Budget Driven by Strategy (02:00)

Obama questions Romney's plan to spend money on the military they it has not asked for and raising money by closing loopholes he will not name.

Obama: How the Military Works (02:40)

Romney claims President Obama has not balanced a budget and our Navy is in need of ships. Obama challenges Romney's knowledge of military needs and spending.

Obama: Red Lines, Iran and Israel (02:54)

Obama describes his commitment to Israel's defense. Our sanctions against Iran are crippling its economy. Iran must end their nuclear program or face a united world.

Romney: Preventing a Nuclear-capable Iran (02:10)

Romney hopes to dissuade Iran through diplomacy and only use force as a last resort. He suggests Obama should have imposed sanctions earlier and they should be tightened.

Obama: Talks Between the US and Iran (02:56)

Obama says that setting up crippling sanctions against Iran is painstaking and being louder won't make them more effective. Participation from China and Russia is critical.

Romney: Appearing Weak to Iran (01:57)

Romney says Obama has failed to show strength on the world stage by apologizing for America to Middle Eastern leaders.

Obama: Bringing Iran to Its Weakest Point (01:36)

Obama responds to Romney's accusations that he is soft on the Middle East and Iran. He says Romney has been invested in an oil company that was doing business with the Iranian oil sector.

Defending Trips to the Middle East (02:33)

Romney accuses Obama of ignoring Israel, while pandering to specific Arabic nations. Obama details sites he visited while in Israel as a candidate for the presidency and, unlike Romney, did not attend fundraisers or take donors.

Romney: Obama's Foreign Policy Failulres (02:04)

Romney dismisses a hypothetical question about Israel sending bombers to Iran and goes on to list the reasons our world influence is shrinking under Obama's presidency.

Obama: Romney's Contradictions on Issues (03:03)

Obama accuses Romney of flip-flopping and having poor judgement with regards to going after Osama bin Laden.

Romney: Afghanistan Exit Strategy (02:29)

Romney says Afghan security forces number 350,000 and our troops will be home by the end of 2014. With 100 nuclear warheads, Pakistan may become a danger and stabilizing their government is key.

Obama: Afghanistan Exit Strategy (02:24)

Obama says we have positioned ourselves to pull out in a responsible fashion. Now is the time to use our resources to rebuild America and insure our veterans get medical care and good jobs.

Romney: Time to Divorce Pakistan? (02:32)

Because of known terrorist groups within their borders and a stockpile of nuclear weapons, Pakistan needs our continued support.

Romney: Position on Using Drones (01:27)

Romney supports Obama's use of that technology. He says the U.S. is no safer from terrorism after four years under an Obama presidency.

Obama: Fighting Terrorism (01:40)

Obama lists the countries the U.S. is partnered with against extremism. Our goal is to maintain vigilance against terrorist activities.

Obama: Greatest Future National Security Threat (02:33)

Other than terrorism, Obama has concerns about China violating international trade rules. Hear about two cases won against them by Obama's administration.

Romney: Greatest Future National Security Threat (04:02)

Romney says a nuclear Iran is the biggest threat. To partner with China, we need a strong economy. China needs to play by the rules and stop holding down the value of its currency and counterfeiting U.S. products.

Obama: Trading With China (02:11)

Obama says Romney is involved with companies that ship jobs overseas and his tax policy on trading will cost Americans 800.000 jobs. Hear about trade improvements and U.S. leadership in the Asia-Pacific region.

Romney vs Obama: Supporting the Auto Industry (03:05)

Romney denies favoring sending jobs overseas. He and Obama argue about how Romney said he would have handled the failing auto industry. Romney accuses Obama of investing in private companies over research.

Whose Policies Will Make America Competitive? (02:48)

Obama says Romney will reduce the education budget and add trillions to the deficit with tax cuts and military spending. Romney says the deficit has gone up and incomes have come down under the Obama presidency.

Obama: Closing Statement (02:20)

Obama says Romney's polices will be a step backwards. He promises to bring jobs back to America, improve education, work toward energy independence, and maintain a strong military.

Romney: Closing Statement (02:56)

Romney points out the shortcomings of Obama's presidency. He promises to work across the aisle with democrats and be the leader of peace and prosperity that America needs.

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Bob Schieffer, of CBS News, presides over the final 2012 presidential campaign debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Held in front of a silent audience, Schieffer poses his own questions on foreign policy, which have not been reviewed by either candidate. 

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