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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Debate "Housekeeping" (01:26)


Moderator Candy Crowley explains the debate format and introduces the participants.

Employment after College Graduation (04:52)

Romney explains ways to make it easier for student to afford college and promises to create jobs. Obama wants to build manufacturing jobs in the U.S., better the education system, control energy, and reduce our deficit.

Long-Term Unemployment (03:15)

Romney cites unemployment statistics, his five-point plan, and bankrupting Detroit. Obama states that Romney wanted companies to go bankrupt without providing a way to stay open; he criticizes Romney's five-point plan.

Energy Department (05:15)

Obama explains what he has done to control energy and how he wants to build on it. Romney criticizes Obama's energy policies; he wants to take advantage of current resources and get America energy independent.

Oil Dependence (04:28)

Obama defends his position on oil and natural gas production. Romney questions Obama about cutting permits and licensing; they argue about oil and gas production on government land.

Gas Prices (02:34)

Obama states that gas prices were low at the start of his presidency due to the recession threat. He comments on wind energy. Romney states he supports wind energy.

Tax Rates and Deductions: Romney (03:48)

Romney wants to simplify the tax code; lower taxes for the middle class; and limit deductions, credits, and exemptions at the high end.

Tax Rates and Deductions: Obama (02:59)

Obama explains his philosophy on taxes and what he has done in office. He compares his philosophy to Romney's.

Tax Cuts (06:30)

Romney discusses the results of lowering tax rates and highlights his five point plan. Obama outlines the cost of Romney's plan and questions how he will pay for it. Romney defends his plan and criticizes Obama's tax record.

Workplace Equality (08:00)

Obama discusses signing the Lily Ledbetter bill and expanding Pell grants. Romney looked for women to staff his cabinet; he states he knows what it takes to make a strong economy. Obama counters with comments about advocacy and contraception.

Differences with the Bush Administration (06:16)

Romney remarks on contraception before defining differences between him and President Bush; jobs are Romney's priority. Obama criticizes Romney's economic plan, discusses trade, and highlights differences between Romney and George Bush.

Obama Administration Accomplishments (06:54)

Obama identifies accomplishments during his presidency and highlights commitments Romney has made during his campaign. Romney cites commitments Obama made and was not able to keep.

Immigrants without Green Cards (06:17)

Romney provides a broad outline of his immigration policy. Obama discusses streamlining the immigration system and border patrol.

Self-Deportation (04:06)

Romney defends his position on the Arizona law and questions why Obama did not file legislation on illegal immigration as he promised; he is not in favor of rounding up undocumented illegals. Obama wants to make the legal system better.

Benghazi Consulate (05:31)

Obama states that as soon as he learned the embassy was being overrun, he gave his security team three instructions; he describes Romney's response. Romney shares sympathy for the families of those who died and describes other issues associated with the tragedy.

Act of Terror (03:06)

Obama states that he is ultimately responsible for the situation in Benghazi and defends his actions after the attack. Romney contradicts Obama's statements made in the Rose Garden.

Assault Weapon Availability (05:36)

Obama believes in the 2nd Amendment but wants to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who are mentally ill; he wants to reduce violence generally with a comprehensive strategy. Romney does not favor new legislation on gun control; he wants to enforce laws already in place and change the culture of violence.

Assault Weapons Ban (03:24)

Romney states that the ban in his state made provisions for pro-gun and anti-gun advocates that both parties agreed on; Washington is gridlocked. Obama reflects on why Romney changed his position on assault weapons and discusses the education reform.

Keeping Jobs in the U.S. (05:57)

Romney discusses why manufacturing jobs went to China and what he would do to make America more attractive to businesses. Obama agrees that we need to lower the corporate tax rate and explains how he would do it.

Bringing Manufacturing Back to the U.S. (02:07)

Romney discusses two ways to level the playing field. Obama wants high wage, high skill jobs to come back; he discusses investing in advanced manufacturing, advanced research, and investment. Romney stresses that government does not create jobs.

Candidate Misperceptions (05:25)

Romney and Obama identify and debunk misconceptions the American people have about them. Romney highlights goals of his presidency and Obama highlights job creation. Crowley thanks the participants, announces the final debate, and urges viewers to vote.

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Candace Crowley moderates the second presidential election debate between Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. In this debate, the participants discuss domestic affairs and foreign policy in a town hall style format. Romney and Obama highlight their positions on unemployment, workplace equality, energy, taxes, immigration, Benghazi, gun control, and manufacturing. An ABC News Production.

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