Segments in this Video

Barack Obama and John McCain Debate "Housekeeping" (01:04)


Moderator Bob Schieffer explains the debate format and introduces the candidates.

Economic Plans (05:00)

McCain explains one of his short-term fixes for the economic crisis. Obama outlines four elements of his financial rescue plan.

Tax Increases? (05:48)

McCain discusses Obama's encounter with Joe Wurzelbacher and his concern about Obama's tax plan. Obama criticizes McCain's economic proposal and defends his position. The candidates debate raising taxes for small businesses.

National Deficit (05:34)

Obama proposes a net spending cut and supports "pay-as-you-go;" he wants to eliminate programs that do not work and invest in energy and American youth. McCain outlines programs he would cut to reduce the deficit.

Government Spending (05:48)

Obama criticizes an across the board spending freeze and discusses earmarks. McCain discusses balancing the budget and criticizes Obama's position. Obama and McCain debate party politics.

Negative Campaign Tactics (05:18)

McCain describes the campaign as tough and regrets some of the negative aspects of both campaigns saying they took unacceptable turns; he cites examples. Obama claims that 100% of McCain's ads have been negative; he wants to see the next three weeks devoted to political issues.

Congressman John Lewis' Statements (04:29)

The candidates debate comments made by Congressman Lewis about comparing activities at McCain's running mate's rallies to the Civil Rights Movement. McCain defends his repudiation of inappropriate comments.

Beyond Campaign Tactics (05:24)

Obama states, "Its important to disagree without being disagreeable." He responds to allegations regarding his connections to Bill Ayers and ACORN. McCain criticizes Obama's comments.

Running Mates (04:08)

Obama describes Joe Biden's character and politics. McCain describes Sarah Palin's politics.

Biden and Palin (02:12)

Obama and McCain discuss whether or not each other's running mates are qualified to be president and cite the support of specific issues.

Energy and Climate Change (05:00)

McCain explains how we can eliminate our dependence on Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil. Obama explains how we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil in 10 years. Obama states his position on free trade.

Free Trade (04:51)

McCain criticizes Obama's statements about offshore drilling and cites an example of Obama's opposition to free trade agreements. Obama defends his position on the free trade agreement with Colombia and discusses fuel efficient cars.

Health Care (04:22)

Obama believes we have to control health care costs and expand coverage; he explains his health care plan. McCain believes the escalating cost of health care is hurting families; he states ways to fix health care and criticizes Obama's plan.

Health Care Plans (05:45)

Obama defends his health care plan, discusses small business exemptions, and criticizes McCain's plan. McCain defends his health care plan and criticizes the mandates in Obama's plan.

Supreme Court Nominations (05:02)

McCain thought Roe v. Wade was a bad decision but has never imposed a litmus test on any nominees; he would consider anyone by her qualifications. Obama agrees a litmus test should not apply and supports a woman's right to choose; he would look for judges based on their judicial records.

Abortion Issue (04:47)

McCain wants to change the culture of America and cites Obama's record on abortion. Obama denies McCain's statements and defends his record.

Education in America (04:35)

Obama discusses the connection between education, the economy and national security. He believes the education system needs more money and reform. McCain believes choice and competition among schools are key elements to improving education.

Federal Involvement in Education (06:02)

Obama believes the federal government needs to financially help local school systems. McCain discusses education vouchers, No Child Left Behind, and Head Start. the candidates disagree on the voucher program.

Closing Statement: McCain (02:19)

McCain states, these are difficult times and America needs a new direction; he has a record of reform.

Closing Statement: Obama (02:17)

Obama states that the U.S. is in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. He wants to bring fundamental change and invest in the American people. Bob Schieffer concludes the debate and urges everyone to vote.

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Bob Schieffer moderates the final presidential election debate in 2008 between senators Barack Obama and John McCain. In this debate, the candidates discuss domestic affairs. Obama and McCain highlight their positions on the economic crisis, taxes, the national deficit, campaign tactics, free trade, health care, abortion, and education. An ABC News Production.

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