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Barack Obama and John McCain Debate "Housekeeping" (02:18)


Moderator Tom Brokaw introduces the candidates and explains the debate format.

Economic Bailout for Older Citizens (04:28)

Obama believes the crisis is a result of failed economics during the Bush-McCain Administration. He discusses a rescue package. McCain's economic plan corresponds to energy independence.

Treasury Secretary (03:02)

McCain and Obama consider who they would appoint to replace Hank Paulson. Obama discusses the middle class.

Economic Crisis (04:58)

McCain discusses taxpayer protections and Obama's encouragement of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Obama describes what is in the rescue package and his attempts to re-regulate the financial system.

American Economy (02:04)

Obama is confident about the economy but cites the need for better regulations and a changing culture in Washington. McCain believes the economy will improve by stabilizing the housing market and removing cronyism and special interest in Washing.

Money and Trust (05:09)

Obama discusses the national debt under the Bush Administration and outlines what he would do to fix the economic crisis. McCain outlines his history as a reformer and discusses liberal spending.

Administration Priorities (04:30)

McCain and Obama consider the order of importance for addressing health care, energy, and entitlement reform. Obama called for a $15 billion investment to be free of our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

American Sacrifices (05:02)

McCain states that he will ask Americans to understand that some programs will need to be eliminated; he recommends a spending freeze. Obama disagrees with President Bush's announcement to "go out and shop" after 9/11. He cites the need to think about how we use energy and renewing America.

"Wall Street got Drunk" (04:13)

Obama and McCain discuss how they would help Americans break the habits of too much debt and too much easy credit. Obama cites the need to share the burden. McCain cites Obama's proposed tax policies.

Social Security and Medicare Reform (05:25)

Obama states that we cannot reform the programs without understanding the rest of the tax policies; he compares his tax plan to McCains. McCain says fixing Social Security is "not that tough," but Medicare is tougher; he cites a format to address reform.

Congress and Environmental Issues (04:49)

McCain has disagreed with the Bush Administration's position on the environment; he offers ways to address climate change. Obama discusses creating a new energy economy and cites McCain's record on alternative fuels.

Energy Funding (02:05)

McCain believes research and development investment by the government is appropriate and that offshore drilling is vital.

Is Health Care a Commodity? (05:37)

Obama and McClain explain what they would do to address the health care crisis. Obama compares his plan to McCain's. McCain wants to give Americans a $5,000 refundable tax credit.

Health Care, a Right or a Privilege? (03:39)

McCain thinks health care is a responsibility and disagrees with a fine for not health care. Obama thinks health care is a right; he defends his health care plan.

U.S. Peacemaker Role (05:01)

McCain discusses the correlation between a strong economy and a strong military; its crucial to understand when the U.S. can beneficially effect the outcome of a crisis. Obama discusses difficulties with American forces in Iraq.

Use of Force and Humanitarianism (04:27)

Obama and McCain explain their doctrines on using U.S. combat forces for humanitarian purposes.

Respecting Pakistani Sovereignty (04:33)

Obama discusses al-Qaeda's attacks on U.S. troops in Afghanistan; he believes we must change our policies with Pakistan. McCain states our relations with Pakistan are critical; we need the country's support.

Pakistani Follow-Up (03:11)

Obama reiterates his position on hunting Bin Laden and criticizes McCain's comments of "speaking softly." McCain defends his comments and promises to get Bin Laden.

Developments in Afghanistan (02:57)

Obama states that the Iraqi government needs to start taking more responsibility and we need to withdraw troops. McCain states that we need to double the size of the Afghan army and streamline the NATO command structure.

Russian Humanitarian Issues (05:37)

McCain states that Russia's behavior is outside normal expectations; he cites activities in the Ukraine and Georgia. Obama states the resurgence of Russia is a central issue for the next presidency and discusses supporting former Soviet satellite nations. Brokaw asks candidates if Russia is an Evil Empire.

Support and Defense of Israel (05:02)

McCain states that he would not wait for the UN Security Council to approve U.S. troop support; he cites examples of Iranian threats. Obama states that we cannot allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon and he will do everything required to prevent it.

"What Don't You Know and How Will You Learn it?" (05:02)

Obama states that the challenges you don't expect consume most of your time; he cites examples of what he does know. McCain does not know what is going to happen because we face unprecedented challenges; he cites examples of what he does know. Brokaw thanks debate participants and announces the next debate on October 15, 2008.

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Tom Brokaw moderates this second debate between presidential candidates Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama. The debate is set in a townhall format where the candidates will answer questions from the audience and online viewers. The senators highlight their positons on the environment, health care reform, the economic crisis, foreign policy, and terrorism. An ABC News Production.

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