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Introduction: George W. Bush, Al Gore (10/17/2000): US Presidential Election Debates (04:46)


Peter Jennings introduces the program and moderator Jim Lehrer. A moment of silence is observed for the governor of Missouri. Lehrer welcomes the candidates and reviews the debate format and rules.

National Patient's Bill of Rights (06:56)

Gore favors a bill that gives patients more power over their own healthcare. Bush supports having an independent review organization and the patient's right to sue an HMO for denying coverage.

Lowering Pharmaceutical Drug Costs (04:47)

Bush wants to reform medicare and make prescription drugs more affordable for seniors. He is against price control, which could negatively affect research and development. Gore wants to streamline the approval of competing generic drugs and have a prescription drug benefit under medicare.

Universal Health Coverage (04:43)

Gore says our current hybrid system is not working and lists the areas he plans to improve through a new bill. Bush opposes health care run by the government. He addresses the issue of uninsured citizens and says everyone should have the same choices as federal employees.

Education: Holding Parents Accountable (07:27)

Bush wants to ensure classrooms are safe and secure. He supports a teacher liability act and consequences for misbehaved students. Gore wants more teachers, better training and smaller class sizes. Gore and Bush argue the merits of a voucher program.

Challenges Facing Teachers and Public Education (05:01)

Gore proposes hiring bonuses for teachers, testing of all students and testing of new teachers. Bush does not support federalizing education and wants to protect teachers from being sued by students.

Federal Spending and Tax Cuts (06:11)

Gore responds to accusations that he is proposing the largest spending in years. He says Bush's tax cut for the wealthy is more than his budget for education, healthcare and national defense combined. Bush defends his position on tax relief for the top 1%.

Middle East Crisis (04:21)

Bush believes his strength, credibility and vision make him the best candidate to bring about world peace. Gore pledges to do what it takes to keep our military strong and says his service in the Army and in various committees make him the best candidate to deal with the crisis.

Deployment and Keeping Military Strong (04:46)

Gore supports offering pay and benefits for veterans that are comparable to the private sector. His military spending budget is more than twice that of Bush over the next ten years. Bush will not send our men to war unless the mission and exit strategy are clear.

Gun Control and the Brady Bill (04:29)

Bush supports the individual's right to own guns, instant background checks and raising the legal age to own a gun. Gore favors increased gun safety. He says the size of the federal government is down, while the size of Texas is up.

Protecting Family Farms (04:25)

Gore calls for an expanded conservation reserve program and changes to the failing Freedom to Farm Act. Bush wants to expand exports for farmers and eliminate the death tax.

Eliminating Inheritance Tax (01:36)

Gore explains why he would exempt 80% of family farms and most businesses. Bush says people shouldn't be taxed twice regardless of their income.

Filtering the Entertainment Industry (05:15)

Bush supports filtering the Internet where public money is spent, teaching values in the classroom and suggests exercising your right to turn off the television. Gore credits his wife with the warnings now on record labels. He warns the entertainment industry against advertising adult material to children.

Apathy Among Young Voters (04:50)

Gore encourages the youth not to give up on democracy. Unlike Bush, he supports the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill. Bush believes young people are turned off by the cynicism and dishonesty in politics.

Diversity, Inclusiveness and Affirmative Action (05:19)

Bush supports a diverse administration but rejects quotas. The top 10% of Texas students are automatically admitted to college. Gore supports affirmative action and a bill against hate crimes.

Tax Proposals for the Middle Class (03:49)

Gore lists the ways income earners under $60,000 will benefit from his plan. Bush says his tax plan benefits all, and more ways Americans will benefit is through modernized medicare and improved military.

Capital Punishment (03:28)

Bush denies an impression of joy over his state's record of prisoner executions. Gore also supports the death penalty and both agree it is a deterrent.

Keeping Campaign Promises (06:16)

Gore says his record over the last eight years proves he keeps promises and lists the promises he intends to keep as president. Bush accuses Gore of a high school debating trick and defends his plan for young people to invest their own money for their future social security benefits.

Debate Closing Statements (04:57)

Gore and Bush each take two minutes to remind viewers what they will do to lead and improve our nation.

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George W. Bush and Al Gore Debate (10/17/2000): U.S. Presidential Election Debates

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Jim Lehrer moderates this third and final presidential debate, in St. Louis, Missouri. Democratic Vice President Al Gore and Republican Governor George W. Bush answer questions posed by audience members.  

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