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Unexpected Delays (02:30)


The Proton Synchrotron (PS) short circuited and now the LHC cannot operate. The Rotating Machine, its power supply, was built in 1967.

Extra Dimensional Graviton (03:55)

Dr. Raman Sundrum hopes that the proton bump is a hypothetical force carrier particle. Electromagnetism is stronger than the force of gravity. The physicist explains his theories by using a blade of grass and an insect.

ATLAS' Conclusions (02:51)

Delmastro reveals ATLAS' findings during a team meeting. CMS cannot discover their conclusions until they complete their research. They could not duplicate the increase in protons.

Character Concerns (05:46)

Why don't candidates work to create consensus about the big issues rather than trashing each others actions and ideas? Perot discusses spending his own money to purchase airtime so that he can address the American people about the big issues. Bush highlights some important changes he has implemented while president, as well as times that Clinton has been the one slinging mud in the media. Clinton agrees with concerns over character bashing in the campaign and says he suggested the open forum format of this debate.

CMS' Findings (03:14)

CMS also experiences no increase in protons. Dr. Camporesi informs the team during a group meeting.

Fixing Infrastructure (07:23)

Explain your plan to repair and improve the public systems in the nation's cities. Bush explains a transportation bill that was passed under his administration as well as enterprise zones that will bring jobs into the cities. Clinton proposes creating jobs that utilize new technology to stimulate the economy and improve the cities. Perot believes that creating jobs is the answer, and manufacturing jobs that are now being sent overseas could be set up in the cities. Perot explains how he would bridge the gap between the Democrats and Republicans.

At the Conference (04:35)

Camporesi and Charlton attend the CERN conference in August and share their findings with the public. Physicists react to the news and describe their hopes for the future.

Credits: Inside CERN (Horizon) (00:37)

Credits: Inside CERN (Horizon)

Health Care Reform (08:00)

What causes increasing health care prices and how will you address the issue? Clinton believes the key is in controlling the cost and maintaining quality. Bush believes that malpractice lawsuits are the reason for increased health care costs. He thinks the government should be removed from health care except the poorest of the poor and that insurance coverage should be portable. Perot believes the system is to blame, specifically the fact that Congress listens to lobbyists instead of the people.

Effects of Recession (05:10)

How have the candidates been personally affected by the national debt? Perot chose to enter politics because he was so disturbed by the national debt. He wants to preserve the American dream for future generations. After clarifying the question, Bush says he has been affected by the recession through the people he has met as President. As the governor of a small state, Clinton has seen many of his constituents go through hard times due to new legislation. He notes that this is not just due to the deficit but an overall failing economic theory.

Bankrupt Government Programs (07:58)

What do you intend to do for retirees with the potential bankruptcy of Social Security, Pension Guarantee Fund and Medicare on the horizon? Bush believes a sound economy will ultimately fix all three of these issues. Perot highlights how the country ended up in a deficit and says that a sound job base is crucial to generating enough money to fix the issues. Clinton agrees that a growing economy is important and explains his plans on how to deal with each of these issues separately.

New World Order (06:29)

What are America's responsibilities are as a superpower? Bush believes it is America's responsibility to continue to support freedom and democracy in the world. Perot believes that America needs to work on becoming an economic superpower and spend less money on worldwide defense. Clinton intends to create a strong, high-tech defense force, build economic strength and support freedom in countries that fight for it.

Education (10:50)

How will you improve the education system? Bush talks about his America 2000 plan and offering parents a choice on where their child attends school. Clinton highlights the improvement of Arkansas schools over the last decade and outlines a five-step plan to improve public education. Perot stresses the importance of a strong family unit and small neighborhood schools.

Minority Candidates (03:42)

Predict when your party will nominate and elect a minority or woman president. The candidates all agree that more minorities and women are entering politics every day and that it will not be very long.

Final Statement: Bush (02:12)

Bush highlights his plan to control mandatory spending, invest and save instead of raising taxes. He also believes we need to educate and retrain the American people, increase exports, and strengthen the family unit.

Final Statement: Perot (02:34)

Perot reminds the audience that he is a man of action and he intends to make changes for the better. He discusses a program that works with pregnant mothers until their children are 9 years old. He also reminds the audience that he is a taxpayer and did not get the country into the mess it is in.

Final Statement: Clinton (02:35)

Clinton attributes his twelve-year career as governor to his ability to fulfill his promises of creating jobs and a better educational system. He has experience balancing a budget and wants to make a change in the economy. Simpson concludes the debate and encourages the people to vote.

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George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Ross Perot(10/15/1992): U.S. Presidential Election Debates

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The second of three US Presidential Debates, sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, between independent candidate Ross Perot, Democratic nominee Governor Bill Clinton and Republican nominee President George Bush. The debate takes place at the University of Richmond in Virginia on October 15th, 1992 and is moderated by Carole Simpson. An ABC News Production.

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