Segments in this Video

U.S. Presidential Debate "Housekeeping" (02:12)


Moderator Barbara Walters explains the format of the debate and introduces the candidates and questioners.

Price of Objectives: Ford (06:49)

President Ford describes the sacrifices Americans would need to make during his administration to maintain peace. Gov. Carter believes the government must reduce unemployment and set guidelines to reduce inflation.

Campaign Tactic Responsibility: Carter (05:28)

Gov. Carter cites examples that turned the American people away from government support; he will not run television ads that attack President Ford personally. The president sees a greater movement of interest in the campaign; he pledges to stimulate voter participation.

Limiting Investigations of Watergate: Ford (03:45)

President Ford describes his role in the investigation; the White House tapes are in the jurisdiction of the courts. Gov. Carter has no response.

Russian Intervention in Yugoslavia: Carter (04:15)

Gov. Carter believes it is unlikely Russia would invade Yugoslavia and defends his comments about not going to war. President Ford believes it is unwise for a president to signal possible options in advance.

General George Brown: Ford (03:55)

President Ford explains why Brown remains the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, despite unpopular comments. Gov. Carter believes an immediate statement from the president to clarify Brown's comments would have been beneficial.

Experience in the Federal Government: Carter (05:20)

Gov. Carter describes his campaign efforts, the background of his advisers, and why he chose Walter Mondale as a running mate. President Ford discusses why he chose Bob Dole as a running mate

Environmental Record: Ford (05:59)

President Ford explains his position on the strip mining bill, auto emissions control, and conservation. Carter believes the Ford Administration's record on the environment is bad; he cites examples.

Revitalizing Cities: Carter (05:26)

Gov. Carter outlines an urban reconstruction program. President Ford defends his administration's program to help major metropolitan areas.

Desegregation: Ford (05:05)

President Ford defends his administration's efforts for minorities and cites examples. Gov. Carter believes the Civil Rights Act was the best thing to happen to the South; he cites examples of minority affairs that need change.

Constitutional Amendments: Carter (04:04)

Gov. Carter would not work hard to support suggested amendments. President Ford supports amendments providing states the right to give voters a chance to make a decision by public referendum and allowing prayer in schools.

Gun Control: Ford (05:20)

President Ford explains why he is against substantive gun control. Gov. Carter believes a limited approach to gun control would be advisable.

Supreme Court: Carter (06:59)

Gov. Carter cites the reformation of the Georgia court system, compares the Burger Court with the Warren Court, and discusses the qualifications he would look for in Supreme Court appointments. President Ford approves of Judge John Paul Stevens and remarks on the Burger Court.

Economic Pause: Ford (07:49)

President Ford cites economic announcements and discusses the increase in layoffs. Gov. Carter cites unemployment and inflation rates.

Poll Numbers: Carter (05:06)

Gov. Carter discusses the loss of his point lead over President Ford; he finds the polls interesting. The president believes Carter is inconsistent in his positions and distorts numbers.

Closing Statement: Ford (04:12)

President Ford came to the presidency during a troubled time. He believes America is moving forward, and faith and trust in the presidency has been restored. Ford asks for voter support.

Closing Statement: Carter (04:22)

Gov. Carter believes Americans are discouraged and feel alienated; he wants Americans to consider the accomplishments of the Ford Administration. He cites examples of areas where the U.S. needs to improve.

Debate Review (01:43)

Moderator Barbara Walters thanks debate participants and the League of Women Voters.

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In this October 1976 debate between President Ford and Governor Carter, the presidential candidates address U.S. domestic matters. Ford and Carter highlight their positions on the environment, constitutional amendments, gun control, Supreme Court appointments, and the economy. An ABC News Production. 

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