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U.S. Presidential Debate "Housekeeping" (02:11)


Moderator Bill Shadel explains the format of the debate, and introduces the candidates and correspondents.

Military Action in Berlin: Kennedy (02:30)

The U.S. has a contractual right to be in Berlin that has been reinforced; the U.S. must meet its commitments. Nixon resents Kennedy's comment about trigger happy Republicans.

Attack on the Formosa Straits: Nixon (04:41)

The U.S. would stand by its treaty if Communists invaded the offshore islands as a prelude to invading Formosa but refuses to outline the type of response. Kennedy quotes a message from the president to Senator Green on the Foreign Relations Committee; the treaty does not include Matsu and Quemoy.

Prospective Summit Conference: Kennedy (04:22)

The U.S. should strengthen conventional forces, increase airlift capacity, focus on missile production, renew negotiations with the Soviet Union, and provide control of nuclear weapons and testing. Nixon states we must reduce the danger of war and defends the current administration's efforts.

Quemoy and Matsu: Nixon (04:56)

Nixon explains his and President Eisenhower's position on the defense of the two islands in the face of a Communist attack. Kennedy reiterates the exclusion of the islands from the treaty.

Does Nixon Deserve an Apology?: Kennedy (02:26)

Kennedy reflects on former President Truman's speaking manner and comments about Nixon and the Republican Party. Nixon discusses the importance of a president's public conduct.

Criticism of Foreign Policy: Nixon (05:01)

Nixon supports the Eisenhower Administration's position on Indochina and the U-2 flights; he objects to the references of surrendering Quemoy and Matsu. Kennedy quotes Nixon's 1954 comments on Indochina and defends comments on the U-2 flights; Nixon is extending the U.S.' commitment in the Formosa Straits.

KKK Influence on Elections: Kennedy (02:56)

Kennedy does not suggest that the head of the Ku Klux Klan's voting preference indicates any sympathy for the organization. Nixon agrees with Kennedy's statements on the KKK and denounces communism.

Excessive Use of Labor Union Power: Nixon (04:08)

Nixon believes laws should be passed to give the president more weapons to address national emergency strikes. Kennedy identifies presidential powers he would support.

Party Platform Costs: Kennedy (04:16)

Kennedy believes in a balanced budget; he cites figures for the agricultural program, interest rate policies, tax changes, and medical care for the aged. Nixon states that Kennedy's proposals will raise taxes and cause inflation.

National Economic Growth: Nixon (04:35)

Nixon believes the U.S. needs to grow as quickly and soundly as possible; he provides several possible growth methods. Kennedy defends the cost of his agricultural program and cites the rejection of programs that Nixon supports.

Tax Loopholes: Kennedy (03:21)

Kennedy wants to thoroughly examine the depletion allowances of oil and other minerals and cut them if necessary. Nixon favors the present oil depletion allowance.

Exodus of Gold: Nixon (03:53)

Nixon explains several methods he would employ to stop the movement of gold from the U.S. Kennedy states we must maintain a sound and monetary fiscal policy to sustain a favorable balance of trade and finance troops overseas.

American Prestige: Kennedy (04:45)

Kennedy explains the importance of American prestige and measuring it to determine if it is falling or rising. Nixon cites the vote in Congo and the Soviet Union's economic growth; the nation needs to stand for what is right.

Debate Review (05:04)

Bill Shadel thanks the participants and reiterates the conditions of the presidential election debate. Shadel explains the arrangements made to broadcast the debate from two locations.

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John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon Debate (10/13/1960): U.S. Presidential Election Debates

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In this October 1960 debate between Senator John F. Kennedy, and Vice President Richard Nixon, the presidential candidates address U.S. foreign policies, labor union power, and economic growth. They answer questions from news correspondents about the country's position on the Formosa Straits, tax loopholes, and America's prestige. An ABC News Production.

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