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Reagan and Anderson Debate "Housekeeping" (02:33)


The League of Women Voters member Ruth Hinderfeld introduces moderator Bill Moyers. He introduces the candidates and panelists and outlines the debate format.

Anderson: Measures to Reduce Inflation (03:32)

Anderson opposes an election year tax cut when the upcoming budget deficit is $60 billion. He proposes Federal budget cuts and a recalculation of the index used to determine cost of living benefits for civil service and military retirees.

Reagan: Measures to Reduce Inflation (04:50)

Reagan believes government overspending, "harassing" regulations, and punitive taxes on businesses caused inflation. His 5 year plan would result in a balanced budget by 1983. Reagan and Anderson refute each other's viewpoint and defend their own position.

Reagan: Conserving Energy (03:15)

Reagan believes conservation is only delaying the inevitability of future shortages. The government blocked extraction of huge known oil reserves.

Anderson: Conserving Energy (05:16)

Anderson addresses the need to reduce energy consumption in homes and commercial buildings, and to replace automobile use with mass transit in crowded cities. Reagan and Anderson refute each other's viewpoint and defend their own position.

Anderson: Military Deficiencies and Instituting a Draft (03:22)

Anderson acknowledges the shortage and blames it on the lack of cost of living increases. He would revive conscription if it became necessary.

Reagan: Military Deficiencies and Instituting a Draft (05:09)

reserve." Anderson challenges Reagan's support of the MX missile. Reagan denies support of the plan Anderson refers to and discusses military training at the high school level.

Reagan: Funding Deteriorating Infrastructure (03:17)

Reagan says Federal Government bureaucracy prevents states and local governments from using their tax dollars to fund programs for downtrodden areas.

Anderson: Funding Deteriorating Infrastructure (05:40)

Anderson says revenues for a community trust fund will come from excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco; another program would put youth to work in energy and conservation projects. Reagan and Anderson refute each other's viewpoint and defend their own position.

Anderson: Projecting Inflation Over Five Years (03:27)

Anderson cites inflation rates promised by President Carter and says he will bring Federal spending under control before offering the American people a tax cut.

Reagan: Projecting Inflation Over Five Years (05:36)

Reagan cites his gubernatorial accomplishments for spending reductions in the state of California. He plans to reduce President Carter's automatic tax increases. Anderson says spending in California doubled while Reagan was governor; Reagan refutes Anderson's claims.

Reagan: Organized Religion against Electing Pro-Choice Candidate (02:37)

Reagan states most citizens are in favor of more traditional values and that our country was founded on a belief in a "Creator." He refuses to take a position on Cardinal Medeiros' warning to Catholics- it is a sin to vote for anyone in favor of abortion.

Anderson: Organized Religion against Electing Pro-Choice Candidate (04:48)

Anderson supports a woman's right to choose and disagrees with members of a church being told how to vote. He is against mandatory prayer in schools. Reagan and Anderson clarify their positions on abortion and a litmus test for electing a federal judge.

Reagan: Closing Remarks (03:26)

Reagan recalls the courageous people who crossed prairies, deserts and mountains in a fight for freedom, and believes together we can solve the problems faced by our country to "begin the world over again."

Anderson: Closing Remarks (03:50)

Anderson points out that he and Reagan disagree on every issue except abortion. He reviews the problems facing America and believes it is time for an Independent party member who is not looking beyond November. Moyers thanks the candidates and panelists in this first presidential debate of 1980. 0.

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In 1980, the League of Women Voters invited independent John Anderson to their first presidential debate, and President Carter refused to attend. Ronald Reagan showed up and the result was one of the most unique debates in modern times, preceding the Perot inclusion by 12 years.   Reagan also discussed his major campaign themes such as cutting taxes, cutting government and increasing military strength. He also attacked Carter's economic record. Anderson used the time to tell a national audience of his criticisms of Reagan's and Carter's election economic proposals: "Let me tell you that I, first of all, oppose an election-year tax cut." Anderson vowed to raise taxes on gasoline to encourage conservation.

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