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Allergy Prevalence in Industrialized Countries (03:36)


Scientists are working on ways to stop hay fever symptoms, cure animal allergies, and prevent food allergies. Tregs play a significant role in suppressing allergies.

Amish Community (03:23)

The Amish adhere to a strict lifestyle for religious reasons; their contact with the outside world is limited. With the help of local doctors, filmmakers get a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle in an Ohio area.

Allergy Immunities (03:10)

In November 2012, doctors and researchers documented allergies among the Amish. Mutius studied how living among livestock affects the body; farmers have 35% more Treg cells.

Regulatory T-Cells (02:10)

Shimon Sakaguchi identified Tregs in 1995; learn how Tregs work. The Amish produce a significant amount of Tregs compared to city dwellers. Allergies are more common in industrialized countries.

Stimulating Treg Production (02:31)

Mutius and her team analyzed livestock barns to find out why those who spend time around livestock have more Tregs; the inhalation of microbes increases Treg counts. The Amish are constantly exposed to microbes.

Can Adults Make More Tregs? (03:47)

A research study in Denmark followed adults who moved from the city to the country; Halldor Biehe is no longer allergic to grass. More Tregs means better health.

Preventing Allergies through Diet? (04:59)

Pediatric guidelines developed in 2000 suggest avoiding certain foods while pregnant or nursing. Despite following guidelines, the Kloza children have food allergies. The family attends a seminar about preventing allergies.

Food Allergy Prevention (04:03)

A study released in 2015 reveals children who ate peanuts at a young age were less likely to develop a peanut allergy. Gideon Lack found that peanut and egg consumption in laboratory animals stimulates the production of Tregs.

Sudden Allergy Development (03:20)

Paul Jones had baby eczema and was prescribed a bath ointment and skin cream; he developed a peanut allergy at age three. Lack believes peanut oil in the cream likely caused Jones' peanut allergy.

Skin Conditions and Allergies (05:00)

Peanuts absorbed through skin that suffers from eczema or other conditions can cause a peanut allergy; animal testing confirmed how it works.

Allergy Treatment Effectiveness (04:04)

Allergen absorption through the skin can cause an increase in aggressive immune cells. Experts study the effects of pollen on hay fever sufferers who have been taking medication with cedar pollen.

Allergy Treatment Study: Pollen Ingestion (02:56)

Yuriko Takemi eats rice containing substances derived from pollen once a day. Her body produced more Tregs and her allergies improved.

Allergy Treatment Study: Pollen Injections (03:23)

Study participants receive injections derived from pollen directly to the lymph nodes. Tobias Mazen received three injections and no longer suffers from hay fever.

Allergy Relief (01:52)

Takemi consumed modified rice for two months; her aggressive immune cells dropped. Treg discovery has opened possibilities of allergy prevention and treatment.

Credits: Curing Allergies: Medical Revolution (00:32)

Credits: Curing Allergies: Medical Revolution

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A half century ago, the number of people with allergies suddenly began to rise. Currently, one out of three people in developed countries has an allergy. Researchers now know that increasing the number of regulatory T cells can possibly cure allergies. Treatment methods are switching from avoiding eating and touching allergens, to actively ingesting them. This episode will take a look at the latest treatments and research, including a study on the Amish, who have surprisingly low rates of allergies.

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