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Introduction: Medical Revolution: The Gut Microbiome (02:34)


Researchers are learning that microscopic bacteria and other intestinal organisms are linked to many modern day illnesses.

Gut Microbe Study (02:46)

Genetic analysis is done on the feces of 2500 volunteers from 10 different countries. Bacteria found in yogurt helps maintain intestinal health. See lists of bacteria found in the study.

Gut Microbes and Obesity Experiment (03:12)

Every individual has a unique range of micro organisms. Bacteria from twins is placed in mice. The mouse receiving bacteria from the fat twin becomes overweight.

Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Obesity (02:35)

Gut bacteria breaks down the things we eat and live on the nutrients. See how one chemical they produce inhibits excess fat accumulation.

Anti-Aging Bacteria (02:46)

In a clinical study, a chemical produced by gut bacteria was shown to stimulate fibroblasts and reduce wrinkles.

Eating for Healthy Gut Microbiome (01:04)

The indigestible fiber found in vegetables and beans are an important nutritional source for intestinal bacteria.

New Treatment for Diabetes (03:28)

Four hundred million people suffer from diabetes. Test subjects were given a dietary fiber mixture to increase the amount of short-chain fatty acids, which in turn increases insulin production.

Preventing Cancer with Gut Microbiome (03:11)

In this study, a newly discovered species of bacteria was found in the feces of obese mice. The chemical it created, DCA, triggers aging in human cells. These aged cells spread carcinogens, causing cancer around them.

Treating Clostridium Difficile Infection (05:32)

This abnormal intestinal bacteria is resistant to medication. Rather than have her large intestine removed, one patient elected to receive a donor transplant of healthy gut microbiomes.

Emotions and Gut Bacteria (03:24)

Gut bacteria was exchanged in an experiment between one timid and one active mouse. The result was a reversal of behavior.

Communication Ability and Gut Bacteria (02:04)

Research shows autistic mice have high levels of 4EPS in their blood stream, which is created by gut bacteria. Removing it made their behavior more similar to normal mice.

Brain Function and Gut Bacteria (03:24)

Neuroscience experts study volunteers after having them ingest a bacteria that is believed to influence the brain. Chemicals produced by gut bacteria stimulate nerve cells, sending electrical signals to the brain.

Mental Health and Gut Bacteria (01:22)

Participants in a 2014 clinical study drink bacteria that may influence brain function. Bercik hopes to learn if depression can be treated by improving microbiome.

Koala's Unique Gut Bacteria (03:07)

Osawa discovers how the koala is able to tolerate the tannins in eucalyptus. A baby gets the essential bacteria from its mother's feces.

Human Gut Microbes (03:57)

Of the Earth's 70 groups of bacteria, four are commonly found in humans. Bacteria enter through body openings and settle in the intestines. Hear the IgA's role in maintaining gut bacteria.

IgA in the Mucus Layer (02:56)

Selected bacteria are bound by the IgA, which then helps them enter. A cross section shows the variety of bacteria living in the mucus layer.

Conclusion: Humans and Gut Bacteria (00:56)

Humans and gut bacteria have learned to coexist to the benefit of each. Medicines and diet threaten that synergy.

Credits: Medical Revolution: The Gut Microbiome (00:25)

Credits: Medical Revolution: The Gut Microbiome

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The 100 trillion microbes living inside our intestines, known as “intestinal flora," could hold the key to treating multiple illnesses including cancer, diabetes, allergies and even depression and autism. Around the world, researchers are competing to develop cutting-edge treatment that control our intestinal flora. Discover the incredible bacterial world that exists in your intestines.

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