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Setting the Stage (04:00)


Towards the end of the 19th century the city of Glasgow chose to build an art school and the winning designer for the building was Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Adorning His Design (03:33)

Given rigid requirements and an unforgiving property Mackintosh employed the assistance of non-functional nuances to decorate the exterior of the main facade.

Obeying Orders, Hidden Flourishes (01:05)

McIntosh adhered to the very specific orders throughout every aspect of the building he was given, but made an effort to include personal artistic touches.

The Studios (02:54)

McIntosh chose to leave the artists' space as a malleable and unfettered virgin territory for each student to personalize as their own.

The Stairwell (01:31)

The architect chose to create a self-supporting simple staircase that he then embellished with lavish adornments that only appear to support the structure, but really served to give him visual freedom in his design,.

Secondary Interiors and Facades (03:53)

Once work on the main facade and studios was complete McIntosh became exceedingly playful with the remaining features of the building, and artfully planned down the most minute details as eclectically has possible.

The Library (04:13)

The passage of a decade would present the building with another drastic change in style for the construction of the library, but the whimsy and artfulness of the architect still remained in play.

The Femine Side (04:33)

The final additions to the building embraced the feminine, in both a literal and figurative sense as female students were being allowed to attend the school and needed their own space.

Credits: The Glasgow School of Art: Architectures - Achievements in Modern Architecture (00:26)

Credits: The Glasgow School of Art: Architectures - Achievements in Modern Architecture

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Built at the dawn of the 20th century, the Glasgow School of Art is the masterpiece of the only British artist considered as a precursor of modernity, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The most eminent practitioner of the "Glasgow Style", the equivalent of French Art Nouveau, Mackintosh devoted more than 10 years to fulfilling what is without doubt his most innovative architectural project, a masterwork that combines constructive rationality, Art nouveau subjectivism, obsessibe attention to detail and decorative fantasy. 10 years of work during which the architect never once set foot on the building site. After many years in purgatory, the school has become a place of pilgrimage for generations of architects. Its influence is without parallel in early 20th century architecture.

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