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Journalist Taken ISIS Hostage (02:08)


French journalist Nicholas Henin covered the disintegration of Iraq, Libya and Syria. The Islamic State held him hostage in Syria; boredom was a stronger feeling than fear.

Hostage After Return Home (01:09)

Since his return to Paris, Nicholas Henin has written a children's book he conceived in his cell, based on a game the hostages played.

Ransoming Hostages (02:05)

France and most European governments reportedly pay ransoms despite denials. The U.S. and Britain do not; ISIS released other European hostages, but not the Americans or British.

Islamic State Beheads Hostages (02:02)

A ISIS posted graphic videos of the beheadings of five hostages between August and October 2014. A Frenchman temporarily held hostage with them talks about hostages' relationships.

Ransom Demand for James Foley (03:54)

ISIS demanded $100 million ransom from the Global Post for James Foley, and allowed his family to ask proof of life questions. A man held hostage with him remembers Foley's emotions on the occasion.

Frustrations with Government (02:40)

Hostages' families were frustrated that government gave them no intelligence, did not negotiate with ISIS, and threatened prosecution over fundraising for ransom.

French Government Pays Ransom (03:13)

Kayla Muller's family faced impossible ISIS demands on its own. The French government pays ransom, though it claims not to.

How Much Ransom Europe Pays (02:16)

France fought Al Qaeda in Mali; Al Qaeda fled Timbuktu, leaving behind documents revealing that much of Al Qaeda revenue came from kidnapping.

European Hostages in Yemen (03:19)

In a video, an Austrian Al Qaeda hostage urges the Austrian government to ransom him. He and fellow hostages were released, reportedly for a $20 million ransom.

Review of Hostage Policy (02:55)

The Obama administration is reviewing hostage policy. Because the U.S. does not pay ransom, ISIS killed American hostages while releasing European hostages.

Credits: Syria: The Cost Of Living (00:45)

Credits: Syria: The Cost Of Living

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In a two-month spree ISIS terrorists brutally executed five westerners last year after holding them captive for months and some for years. Three were American and two were British. In this report, one of the hostages, French photo-journalist Nicolas Hénin tells how he survived during the 10 months five of his fellow captives were taken away and beheaded. Foreign Correspondent Reporter Jonathan Holmes examines the agonizing dilemma: whether governments should have paid ransoms to save their lives.

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