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Liberian Homecoming (01:58)


In June 2014, Emmanuel Urey traveled to Monrovia, leaving his wife and youngest son in Wisconsin. The country is rebuilding after a 14 year civil war. Urey visits with his other sons.

Ebola Threat (02:33)

In Madison, Vivian hears about a disease outbreak from her son. Her mother lives near the hospital in Monrovia, where patients are treated. A former student of public health, Emmanuel recognizes the danger; President Ellen Johnson addresses the nation about emergency containment measures.

Ebola Spread (02:52)

Liberia's government imposes a curfew; Emmanuel's sons can't go to school. Medical workers disinfect a body in a coffin. Confusion about the disease and government distrust results in unnecessary contact and increased deaths.

New Type of War (03:08)

Lack of public health awareness and infrastructure in Liberia contributes to the spread of Ebola. A woman expresses frustration about watching a pregnant woman die. By late July, people are turned away from overwhelmed hospitals; Monrovia's JFK Medical Center closes after medical staff die.

Leaving Liberia (02:13)

Due to visa issues, Emmanuel can only take Ju back to the U.S. and leaves Bobby and Nelly behind. Vivian tries to help her grandmother; the Ebola crisis results in increasing food prices.

Liberia's Food Crisis (03:14)

Road closures from Ebola cause increase in food prices and lead to a state of emergency. Police shoot desperate citizens to enforce a quarantine in Monrovia. A young man dies of his wounds. (Viewer discretion advised)

Battle to Contain Ebola (03:15)

By September 2014, international response to Ebola has been inadequate. Emmanuel begins the visa process to bring Nelly to the U.S. Liberian NGOs work to create public health awareness.

Living with Uncertainty (02:05)

Liberian hospitals begin operations again and new health centers are established. An Ebola survivor shares his experience. Nelly's visa is approved but the U.S. calls for a travel ban on West Africa.

Ebola Containment Progress (04:01)

International aid arrives to Liberia in November—but hunger and disease will leave a social legacy. Emmanuel meets Nelly at the Chicago airport; he starts school after 21 days of self isolation. Liberia was declared free of Ebola in May 2015; the disease claimed 11,000 in West Africa.

Credits: In The Shadow of Ebola: A Liberian Family's Story (00:59)

Credits: In The Shadow of Ebola: A Liberian Family's Story

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In The Shadow of Ebola: A Liberian Family’s Story

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In The Shadow of Ebola is an intimate story of a family and a nation torn apart by the Ebola outbreak. The film follows a Liberian student and his family living divided between the United States and Monrovia, who open our eyes to the ripple effects the outbreak is having on Liberians living through this crisis—including famine and threatened social unrest. Caught in an invisible war that is painfully reminiscent of the chaos and confusion they lived through during a fourteen-year civil war, a family and a people find the compassion and inner resolve to combat the virus’s spread.

Length: 27 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-68272-085-1

Copyright date: ©2015

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Official Selection, APHA-Global Public Health Film Festival, 2015

Official Selection, Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival, part of the American Anthropological Association Meeting, 2015

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