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General Safety (03:36)


Fire, chemical, thermal burns, cuts, toxic chemical absorption, and chemical inhalation are the most common accidents in science laboratories. Teachers complete a risk assessment sheet for every lesson; review student safety requirements.

The Chemistry Lab (04:29)

Laboratory chemicals can present physical and health hazards. Learn student safety requirements and tips for chemical experiments.

The Biology Lab (02:51)

Treat all specimens as if they were infectious. Learn student safety requirements and tips for handling biological specimens and performing microbiology experiments.

The Physics Lab (04:11)

Electrical equipment presents most hazards in a physics lab. Learn student safety tips and requirements for operating electrical equipment and using lasers.

When Things Go Wrong (04:04)

Accidents will occasionally occur in a laboratory; students need to know school emergency procedures. Review common accidents and injuries that occur in science labs, and how to respond.

Conclusion (00:34)

Students and teachers have responsibilities to ensure they are working in a safe environment. Awareness and alertness reduces the risk of experiencing an accident.

Credits: Safety in the Senior Science Lab (00:42)

Credits: Safety in the Senior Science Lab

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Safety in the Senior Science Lab

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Every student has the right to a safe learning environment. Science laboratories present a range of potential hazards, and it is critical that teachers and students are aware of their responsibilities; accidents can and do occur. The most common are fire, chemical and thermal burns, cuts from broken glass, absorption of toxic chemicals through the skin, and inhalation of toxic fumes. This program, aimed at students who are not new to science laboratories, covers a range of safety areas, including general safety in science laboratories and specific areas of potential risk in chemistry, biology, and physics labs.

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