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Solar Decathlon Exhibition (02:54)


Engineering students compete for sustainably built homes in Los Angeles. Spectators share their impressions of future living. Members of the Austrian team receive positive feedback.

Sustainable Construction (02:45)

Students at Vienna's Technical University invested two years in the Solar Decathlon. The L.I.S.I. project allowed them to execute design, planning, and building phases. Take a virtual tour of the plus energy concept incorporating new solar and heat transfer technologies.

Building L.I.S.I. (03:08)

In Weissensee, Austria, the design team prefabricates their Solar Decathlon model. Parts are then transported by train and boat to Los Angeles, where construction takes place in 10 days.

Solar Decathlon Measured Disciplines (03:18)

Student green home designs are judged on several disciplines including: comfort zone, hot water, and appliances. A single tablet controls all L.I.S.I. systems. Referees monitor appliance function and power use.

Home Temperature Problem (03:07)

Austrian students monitor energy systems to optimize energy use; they are in good competition standing. A heat pump leak raises the comfort zone temperature. The team works quickly to replace the broken pipe; minimal points are lost.

Home Entertainment and Housing Technology Evaluations (02:28)

Other Solar Decathlon students judge the Austrian team's quality of life and ambiance during a dinner party. An engineering jury monitors technology function and innovation.

Solar Decathlon Results (03:24)

Juries judge architectural design, planning, construction, marketability, production cost, and communication. Team Austria wins first place, with 952 out of 1,000 points.

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This film follows Vienna University of Technology engineering and design students to California to participate in the U.S. Department of Energy’s international competition to construct the best energy-autonomous, sustainably built house. Nineteen of 150 university teams are selected to construct a model outside Los Angeles, where they are judged on disciplines including comfort zone, appliance function, hot water production, energy efficiency, home entertainment, housing technology and innovation, architectural design, marketability, production costs, and communication.

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