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Profile of the Hospital Environment (03:26)


Hospitals provide inpatient and outpatient services; the environment is busy and challenging. Effective communication ensures information conveyance between relevant people. See a summary of the hospital environment profile.

Effective Communication (04:37)

Communication includes three parts— sender, receiver, and perception. Learn verbal elements of communication and nonverbal cues. See a summary of effective communication.

Blocking Behaviors (03:23)

Blocking behaviors are reactions to situations where one feels frustrated, anxious, uncertain, threatened, inadequate, demeaned, or annoyed and can lead to poor quality patient care. Understand why and what blocking behaviors you are using to prevent future occurrence. See a summary on blocking behaviors.

Breaking Bad News (03:23)

Follow five guidelines for effective communication when breaking bad news to a patient. See a summary of breaking bad news.

Handover (02:52)

Handovers involve sharing information between healthcare professionals. Learn what information to include in a handover. See a summary of handovers.

Responding to Aggression (03:19)

Follow four guidelines for communicating with an aggressive person and learn responses to avoid. See a summary of aggression response.

Credits: Communication Skills for Nurses (00:45)

Credits: Communication Skills for Nurses

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Health professionals have a responsibility to provide clear, concise and appropriate information to colleagues, patients and the wider community. This program employs a combination of dramatized scenarios, ward footage, and expert commentary from health professionals, to explain communication in a health care setting. It discusses effective communication, examines blocking behaviors, demonstrates how to break bad news, provides strategies for effective handovers, and provides tips for responding appropriately to aggression.

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