Segments in this Video

Defining a Destination (02:28)


Tourism destinations must balance the needs of its business and its stakeholders, like local communities and businesses. Today's traveler is more demanding and knowledgeable about what they are looking for.

Competing Elements (02:38)

Expert Phil Harman the competition in tourism. He describes the importance of standing out and considering how consumers perceive a destination.

Image and Branding (02:08)

It is more important than ever for destinations to create a unique identity. Harmon discusses challenges in marketing a beach destination. Effective branding connects the destination with the consumer.

Disadvantages Associated With Branding (03:57)

Look at the branding approach at Mount Hawthorne. With the expansion of tourism websites, it can be difficult to permeate the market.

Sustainability and Destination Competitiveness (02:03)

Sustainability is a critical component to any industry. Jessica Rose, Marketing Manager for Mt. Hotham Resort discusses the long-term plans of the tourist destination.

Elements Associated With Destination Sustainability (02:29)

Phil Harmon believes that in the future, natural destinations are going to be more and more popular. Rose discusses the environmental practices of Mt. Hotham Resort.

Role of Co-Operation in Building Competitiveness (03:45)

Gina Woodward describes the groups and governmental agencies that Mt. Hotham works with. Listen to a list of barriers that impact cluster development.

Destination Marketing (02:06)

Tourism prices continue to drop and consumers are demanding cheap package deals. Local industries compete with international destinations. Phil Harmon explains methods for adapting to change.

8 P's in Tourism Marketing (02:54)

Destinations must create strategic plans for marketing. Target markets must be identified. Listen to a summary of this video.

Credits: Competitive Marketing in Tourism (00:46)

Credits: Competitive Marketing in Tourism

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The challenges in marketing tourism have grown with the influx of online resources. It has resulted in more knowledgeable consumers as well as an increase in worldwide competition. This video takes an in-depth look at sustainable marketing approaches and explains that adapting to change is a critical component to success in the dynamic tourism industry. Marketing expert Phil Harmon discusses the tourism industry in Australia and describes why specific marketing strategies are successful.

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